Thursday, January 5, 2012

Firefly Class Ship

What a good show this was!  Unfortunately it was short lived, thanks to the stupid people over at FOX.

Below you will see the progress I made in building this epic space fairing vehicle.

It all begins with printing, scoring, cutting and gluing the pepakura files.  I found these files on the internet - although I do not remember where.  Given enough time you can find these files too.

I mentioned earlier that the X-Wing helmets were my first pep builds.  This is not entirely correct.  Firefly was my first pep build ever, but I never finished creating the ship.  I will get to it's demise later.  The X-wing helmets were the first builds which involved fiberglass, resin and bondo, and I made them right after partially making firefly.

I initially started gluing the pieces together.  However, I ran out of glue at my job* and turned to regular tape.

*It should be noted that I can get away with a lot at my job since I am a graphic artist and I have my own office.  When I get caught I tell my boss that I am just practicing new packaging techniques.

Here is a decent amount of the ship assembled.

I was actually surprised how large this build was becoming.  When I brought it home and started assembling everything it was wider than my dresser it was perched on!

My buddy Mike - who is the worlds LARGEST firefly fan was stoked to see this completed.  Unfortunately... windy day I had the windows open and a strong breeze brought the firefly down on the ground.

And then an even stronger breeze brought down a heavy fan on top of it.
When I got home, it was too late.

Rest in peace Firefly model.
There will be others after you, but no one will forget you, the first.

Below are images of the same Firefly model being built by someone else.
Although I did not make this, I thought I'd post photos of what it would have looked liked.

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