Friday, January 6, 2012

Miscellaneous Guns

Several years ago, I just decided to make several futuristic guns, rifles and lasers out of random stuff found in hardware stores, toy stores and in my junk drawers.  Below are a few shots of several of these weapons.

This rifle was so awesome, as I incorporated electronics to it.  There was a trigger which lit up the barrel, and I used a swivel sink head as a scope, with lights.  This was primarily PCV parts, with rubber O-ring handles, windshield wipers and of course the swivel sink head.  

The sniper rifle (Below) was made from the handle of a water gun, PCV piping, Printer toner cartridges and an assortment of other junk.  The yard stick above shows you the approximate size of this thing.

Here is another Sniper gun made up of a Vacuum nozzle, a bike rack, a garden sprayer handle, flexible wire tubing, more PVC tubing, and other junk.

This duo-handled ray gun (below) is essentially 2 water guns, windshield wipers, flex tubing and a lot of glue.

This was my shot gun.  I also loved this one, for it too had electronics.  It also had a strap and a removable grenade on the butt of the handle.  This shotgun was made from a broken soap dispenser, vacuum handles and hoses, door springs, and PVC.

The piece below was inspired by the Gears of War "torquebow" - which is just a fancy crossbow. This was made by kit bashing 2 nerf gun sets, a few motorcycle model kits and parts of a broken lamp.

The Gatling Gun below was almost the length of my bed!  Made from PVC pipes, electric boxes, hoses and the handle to a garden hose handle.  I tried to make this bad boy electronic, but was unable to.
Also, this piece was so heavy that it eventually broke one day while I was riddling something imaginary.

This pistol below is perhaps my favorite, and sadly the only one of these guns to survive the years.
This is a modified Nerf Pistol - the name escapes me right now.  All this has is some more kit bashed motorcycle parts and flex tubing.  It's Perdy!


  1. This is why moving day was always a hoot=)

  2. Awesome props it would be cool if you could a tutorial video series on youtube on how made them.

    i love the prop displayed in picture No: 19/42 nice work on that

  3. Thanks Frank. The gun you spoke of (19/42) was as mentioned, made with 2 water guns I bought at Walmart. I think the most I paid for in materials was about $10. I think I would like making a video tutorial one day - but that will have to wait until I have a proper work space and some better video editing knowledge. But I do appreciate your feedback. Some of my other guns that I've made on this blog have step by step instructions.

  4. Hey Frank. The guns shown in this entry are unfortunately not step - I made these years ago before I started blogging. Here are some of my blogs that do show a step by step instructional:;postID=3588078917181543746;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=19;src=link