Friday, January 6, 2012

My work area

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have a small work area.

And I am stuck indoors, so I try not to use too much stinky materials as to not upset my landlord who lives downstairs, my girlfriend who lives with me, and my nostrils, which live on my face.

Anyway, here is a gander of my work area, and the many helmets I have on display.

Not long after I made this posting in January 2012 my girlfriend and I decided to make our second bedroom a guest room.  So my work table was gone.  Shelves taken down  The white wall painted.  For months all my projects were done either at my desk at work, or sitting indian style on the floor.  Cut to May, and I decided I needed my table back.
This is a much smaller desk, but at least I can sit and work on things again.
One day I will have a basement or garage to really work on things.

The main purpose of this posting it to let everyone know that they can work on similar projects while not having a lot of work space.  Often when I watch tutorials on making props and helmets, people have a garage or back yard to work on such things.  Since many people, like myself, do not have such areas to work one of the goals of my blogs are to show people how I work on things with out a proper work area.  And since I live in an apartment I am forced to use alternative materials for my projects.  Examples of this you'll find in my blogs, such as using plaster wrap instead of fiberglass & resin, and using wood fillers instead of bondo.  When it comes to things such as sanding and spray painting I either sand and paint in front of my house (often in the street) or at a parking lot.  So for those who want to make prop helmets or guns or whatever and have no workshop to do so, you can still work at home following some of the steps and materials that I have.

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  1. Timbo - this output is staggering! Well done indeed!