Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pepakura Iron Man Helmets

Here are a few images of an Iron Man Helmet I made.
This helmet was never finished, and I gave it to a friend, but it does show the initial creation with the paper.
I have since made several Iron Man helmets, but never completed any for one reason or another.
I am in the process of making a new one, and I will photograph my progress and share with you at a later time.
In the mean time, enjoy these photos.

Below are a few shots of a second Iron Man helmet that I made.  
I sprayed them with Black Spray paint to see if when dried, the paint would make it more durable during the fiberglass and resin stages.  Sadly, it did not hold up well, and was eventually scrapped

Below is a photo of my friend John wearing an Iron Man War Machine Helmet I made.
A bit too big....

Below is my new Iron Man helmet, partially constructed.
...and finally done..

and now the fiberglass & resin.  so messy...
After the resin dried I added wood filler to smooth out the surface.  Bondo is better but it still works well on top of the wood filler.  The wood filler is easier to work with and sand.... I am out of bondo at the moment.

I then sanded and smoothed, and began to separate the face plate.

Also at this point, I decided to make my own variation of Iron Man. To do this, I started removing some of the "layers" that make up the back of the head.

In all truthfulness, I did this because the helmet was a little too big...once again.  Cutting out these layers and glueing them inside the helmet may make a tighter fit.

Still out of Bondo, so I started using spackle to smooth the surface.

Once that dried a bit I added spackle to the insides of the helmet, both to smooth out and to add some thickness to the pieces.

Then I sanded down some more, and added a new layer or wood filler.
I also attached the layers of the back of the head that I removed earlier to give it a more layered look and hopefully make the helmet fit better.

I then sanded down the edges of the face plate area to make sure both parts still fit.

Below you see the layered back glued in place with wood filler to cover.

So, while that was drying at home, I took some time at work to do a loose rendering of how I want this helmet to look like when done.
I kind of want to make it look slightly steampunk-ish, with a touch of futuristic.  Let's hope it comes out how I want.  My next steps were to make and insert a liner shaped to my head so that this large helmet sits correctly when being worn.  I did this by using Featherweight's method out of cardboard and gluing it inside the helmet as seen below.

I then proceeded to start filling in the inside of the helmet.

Now, I know that the real iron man helmet does not have this "crown" on the inside as seen above.  Unfortunately I could not cut away the parts of my liner, otherwise the helmet would not fit correctly.  But it still looks cool to me, and I think it will look great once done.

Above we see the helmet drying, and the face plate after some sanding.
Added more spackle to the inside.
And then more wood filler.

A little sanding....

Fast Forward several weeks....

I put on this helmet and it was very uncomfortable and very heavy.  It started off being less than 1/8" thick and  wound up being over 3/4" thick.  Also, a lot of my cuts were sloppy and uneven - which dissatisfied me. I also had recently begun using plaster cloth and making my pep files out of cardboard and wanted to redo this helmet using those methods.  So, this is as far as this helmet progressed.  Currently my friend John has it in display in his office and will hopefully use it for practicing his own pep files and methods.
All in all, I think it's a great start and it was fun working with.  Perhaps one day I'll get it back from John and rework it, but for the time being check out IRON MAN HELMET version 2!!!


  1. Can you please give me a link to the pepakura file from the helmet on the first picture. I couldnt find it on the Internet

    1. Hey Tony,
      The images from this page are 5 years old and I have to honestly say that I am not sure where exactly I got the pep file from. It is most likely from After building many different Iron Man helmets, they are all more-or-less the same (At least the ones I found). Sorry I can't be of more help.