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Horned Fett Helmet

Halloween 2011:  I decided I wanted to be Boba Fett for Halloween.  A few years back I got an awesome Boba Fett Hoodie for Christmas, and at Comic-con 2011 I bought a Boba Fett T-shirt - both showing Boba Fett Armor.  At the time I decided to do this, I had already started working on my Boba Fett helmet, but it needed a lot of work and would not be ready in time for Halloween, so I simply bought a toy helmet from  Despite being a toy helmet, it was actually pretty darn cool and fit well.  I also bought the Boba Fett blaster, which I immediately spray painted black and gave it a weathered look.
So, helmet - check!  Gun - check! Hoodie that looks like Boba Fetts armor - check!  But I needed something else.  Something that will wrap up the costume nicely - his rocket pack!
So I began work on making a rocket pack.  Below are images of my initial pep work.

Boy, this thing was huge!  So large was it, that after a short while the thin card stock began caving in on itself and needed some reinforcements.

I added cardboard to a great deal of the rocket pack for support.  I also decided to simplify the design a little and remove the "round" rockets from the side and simply put them on the bottom.  I also introduced a copious amount of hot glue to this project to keep it together long enough for me to apply fiberglass and resin.
After that, I started in with the Bondo.  Below you can see the rocket pack partially covered in Bondo.  Behind the rocket pack you can see another project in the background, that of storm trooper armor...but that is a blog for another day.

Also, looking at this photo you can gauge how large this rocket pack is.  It takes up about three quarters the width of my four foot table.  So large is it that I ran out of fiberglass and resin and bondo working on this project. I didn't even get to making better chest armor for my Boba outfit.

Sadly, I ran out of money, materials and time with this project.  But, I still enjoyed my Halloween with my friends being exactly what I wanted.

My rocket pack eventually wound up in the attic due to it's size.  Sadly, it did not look too great the following summer when I brought it back down to work on.  I eventually scrapped it, and I plan on making a new one some time soon.

But the main reason for this posting is for the helmet.

Several years ago, I found a file on the internet for making a Boba Fett Helmet out of cardboard.
It's really a simple build, created by Alan Sinclair, and I believe I found it on  Because his work is copyrighted, I can not give it out to anyone but if you go to Instructables and type in "Cardboard Boba Fett helmet", you'll find it.

Below is the only image I could find of my original Cardboard Helmet from years ago.

As seen in the above images, I already have a Boba Fett helmet.  But that is simply the cool electronic helmet sold in Toys R Us.  I would possibly make this helmet a Jango Fett Helmet, or some other Mandalorian-style Helmet.
My first step was to print the patterns on regular 8.5"x11" paper and adhere them to cardboard using transfer tape.  Most high-end art stores carry this kind of tape and they go for around $30 a roll.  If you can't find it in any stores, you can easily order it on line.

Next I cut out the templates and scored where necessary. 

Alan's files come with shaping pieces to correctly shape the helmet.  Shown above are the bottom of the helmet and the dome shaping pieces.

Using the shaping pieces, I curved the sides of the helmet and attached them using hot glue.  I hot glued tabs of cardboard at the joints of the separate pieces.

Then I glued on the dome shaping piece.
Next, I assembled the dome.  I had the most difficulty with this part, as I had to use scotch tape to hold all the pieces together.  Once it held together I got glued the inside and placed it on the dome shaping piece.

Initially, the dome did not fit very well, so I did some cutting, and finally got it to a point where the gap between the dome and the front/sides of the helmet fit somewhat well.  The gaps seen above will be filled in later, so I am not overly concerned,

Here we see the helmet assembled - with the exception of the "ears", antennae and the rear "keyhole".

The next step was to add plaster cloth.  At this point all the shaping pieces are still attached to the helmet.  Once the plaster dries I will cut them out, along with the visor area and then add plaster cloth to the interior of the helmet.
I drew in black lines in the photo above and below to mark where cuts will be made.

Once the bottom was cut, I removed the shaping pieces from the inside. 

And then cut out where the visor will be.
Then added some wood filler.
Then I sanded down the filler and gave it a coat of primer.
and cleaned up some areas with wood filler.
sanded and added more filler.
I then made some "ears" for the helmet out of layered cardboard, and glued them onto the sides.
I took pictures of it, but my stupid phone somehow deleted them.
All I have is this photo of the ears on, covered in wood filler.
I purposely made these a different shape than Boba's helmet.
I'm also not going to include the antennae...but I think horns would look nicely!

To do this, I drew the shape on a piece of cardboard and used it as a template.  I traced it on some foam core and cut it out.

I then glued strips of cardboard to the sides of the foam core.

The next step is to fill in the spaces with Aluminum Foil.

And then wrap them in plaster cloth.

Back to sanding the helmet....

While sanding the face plate, I noticed it was starting to crack. So I cut some cardboard and glued in the area where the visor goes.

That strengthened it enought for me to finish sanding the face.
Then I added wood filler to the visor area.  I did this to work on the edges where the face plate meets with the visor.

Below is an image of where the horns will eventually go.

Next, I went back to my pepakura file and reprinted parts of the face plate, glued them to cardboard, cut them out and glued them to the helmet.

And then added more wood filler.

Then I started to add wood filler to the horn.

And Sanded the helmet down.

Below is an image of the horns more-or-less where they will be when the helmet's done.

Next, I fixed up a few spots using some clay.

And I added another layer of filler on the dome to get the shape more rounder.

Next I gave it a good sanding, followed by a good cleaning.

Then some Priming.

Followed by more priming.

Priming was a bit problematic.  It was nice and not too humid out, but a few strong gusts of wind made the primer clump a little bit.  But once it's dried I will be able to sand it.
Looking a bit better now.

Using some clay, I refined the edges near the cheek bone areas which were beginning to get lost after a lot of sanding, filling and priming.

And added some clay to the rim on the back to even out the gap between the rim and the helmet.

I then cut out the visor again.  It's a lot stronger now, but I still am going to reinforce the inside of the helmet with apoxy sculpt.

While that was drying I decided to make new horns out of foam.  The older ones were getting very heavy with all the wood filler and I thought that would cause some trouble when mounting them to the helmet itself.

The shaping is a lot better and the horn is a ton lighter.

Once I finished sanding them, I painted them with black acrylic paint to seal the porous nature of the foam.

While the horns dried, I added more clay to the borders of the visor area.  When they dry I will sand them down flat.

I also decided to make a small horn or fang out of clay.  When it dries I will attempt to make a mold with non-drying clay and cast more fangs with fiberglass resin.  Hopefully it will turn out alright as I have never done any mold or casting before.

Next, I made templates of the bottom of my horns.  These will serve as a flat area for me to attach the horns to the helmet.

I cut them out and made a few layers out of cardboard.

Then I marked where each horn goes on the helmet.  I made sure that the horns will point the way I want them before I outlined where each one goes on the helmet.

Then I glued them on.

I had some Bass wood moldings lying around and decided to glue them to the 'ears' of the helmet.

Then I used some clay to build up the areas around the horn 'bumps'.

The helmet now reminds me of Hell Boy.

While everything was drying I went back to the spike I had made out of clay and sanded it down with some course sand paper.  I did this to give the spike a lot of texture.

I then added clay to fill in spaces between the wood moldings and the helmet.

And then I used some filler to fill in and level more areas of the helmet.

While that was drying I applied some Durham's Rock Hard Putty to the horns.

I added some more layers of wood filler and sanded when it was done.
Finally I joined the horns to the helmet.

I love it!

I then added some clay, starting from the helmet and going up the horns.
Above is the helmet with one of the horns completely covered in clay.

And now both Horns covered in clay.

I had been using Apoxie Clay while working on a different project, and had some left over so I used the left overs to make a few more small horns/teeth which I may incorporate into this helmet.

So, the helmet got some sanding and then a coat of priming.

Below is my stormtrooper, Iron man and Boba Fett helmet getting a coat of filler primer.

Once the primer dried I started working on filling in and smoothing some more with filler.

Next I found those teeth I made out of clay and glued them onto the 'ears'.

Originally I was going to make the horns ripping through the top of the helmet, but as time went by, I decided I didn't want them to be that way.  So, using some insulation foam I made some rings that will fit around the base of each horn.

Once I had the O shape for the foam, I used my knife and beveled the edges.

And then sanded the foam.

I repeated these steps for the second horn.

Then I glued the horns in place and applied some wood filler.

And sanded everything down smooth.

Next I used furniture bumpers to create welding bolts on the helmet.

Next, after quite a lot of sanding, this helmet got a new coating of primer.
The first coat was light gray.

The second coat was red primer.

Below Boba dries along with Iron Man Version 2 Helmet, Tie Pilot Helmet, Clone Trooper helmet and a Dragon Egg.

Next I sprayed the inside of the helmet with Black Spray Paint.

The time had finally arrived to paint up this bad boy!
Since I really enjoyed the look of the hammered silver spray paint I used on my Iron Man Version 2 Helmet, I decided to paint this helmet with a hammered copper color.

The first coat went on nicely, but I realized that the red and copper color are similar enough to make it difficult for me to know if I had complete coverage.  I should have given the helmet one more coat of primer in a dark color.  Oh well....

The second coats went on even nicer, and I was happy to get a decent amount of reflection.

The large horns are going to be painted a different color, as are the small horns on the sides of the helmet.  Unfortunately I did not feel like masking off any of the horns - something that I may regret later when painting them.

Actually, I hand painted the horns with white acrylic paint - but this is just the first coat.

At this point I realized I had a problem.  The rubber stoppers I used as bolts all over the helmet do not seem to hold the paint too well.  The helmet dried for over 24 hours, however the rubber was still quite tacky.  To remedy this I decided to give the helmet a coat of clear enamel.

So back outside to spray paint enamel.

The enamel did the trick and the helmet is dry and smooth.  I then gave the horns a second coat of white paint and let dry.  The next step it to weather the helmet it a bit.

To do this I used a sponge and black acrylic paint.

After sponging a little bit on, I wiped and smeared the paint with a paper towel.

I continually did this process of sponge-paper towel-sponge-paper towel until I had the desired look.

Next I painted a mint green/blue acrylic paint to create a oxidation look.  I used a sponge to apply it on.

Then I added some yellows and orange for the horns.

Followed by some watered down white paint.

Around the teeth and the bog horns, I added some browns and reds at the base.

Then I sponged on some more black paint here and there.

At last the helmet looks good to me!  Time to give the helmet some clear protective coats.

First I gave the inside and the bottom rim of the helmet a coat of protective enamel.
Then I gave the rest of the helmet a few coats.  Below are a few shots of the helmet drying outside. 

When the enamel dried I then took a piece of card stock, and I placed it inside the helmet, where the visor goes.  I then traced the shape of the visor area onto the card stock.

I cut out the shape and used it on a piece of transparent styrene which was sprayed with black Nite-Shades tint for the Iron Man Version 2 helmet.

I then cut out the styrene visor and put it in place inside the helmet to make sure it fit properly.

I used a lot of glue to keep this in place.

But it looks great!

All that's left to do is padding on the inside of the helmet!
Luckily, the only padding that is really needed is on the very top, so 1 strip of black foam too care of that.

And I am done!!!!  This build took me about 13 months to build.  Obviously I did not work on it every day, but I am so happy that it came out so good after working on it for so long!
Below are a few beauty shots.

Thanks for reading!!!!

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