Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hellboy's Samaritan

Hellboy has a real cool gun!

And I'm gonna try and make something similar to it.

The steps I'll take will be similar to the Mal Reynold's Gun (seen here).
But this time I'm going to use styrofoam as a filler, instead of corrugated coardboard.

My first step was to make a template which I will use to cut out cardboard and styrofoam.

Next, I'll cut 2 pieces of cardboard and one sheet of styrofoam.
I had an image of these items cut out, but my stupid phone decided to delete those photos.
But that's ok, because below is an image of them glued together.

Once the glue dries, I'll add some more layers.
The above 2 photos show the handle.  Once the glue dried I shaved it down a little to give a more comfortable grip.  Next I made templates for the middle section on the gun and drew them onto a thicker piece of foam.
And then cut them out and glued them on.

Then I cut out cardboard pieces from the stencil I originally created and began gluing them on.

And then more...
Then I curved some cardboard to make the magazine..

I continued cutting cardboard and gluing it on, as seen in the photos below.

For the front of the barrel, I used a few US coin capsules I had laying around.

Looking back at the original image, I realized there was no 'front' for the barrel, so I ripped off those coin capsules, but I did use a empty plastic coin roll for the secondary barrel located under the main barrel.
And then I added the top piece with the sight.
And it's starting to come together nicely!

The above picture is about 3 hours combined work - give or take.
I think I'm done with the cutting and gluing for now.  The next step will be adding the plaster cloth.

Followed by some good ol' wood filler.
Below we see the Samaritan and Mal Reynolds Pistol after a little sanding.

First round of sanding done.

I'm not totally happy with it at this point. The plaster wrap got rid of a lot of the angles I had.
So I decided to redrew the gun to get it more perfect.  The layering will be done better as I will be using foam core instead of random pieces of styrofoam and cardboard.

Next I printed my layouts out to scale and adhered them to foamcore.

Then cut them out.

And glued them together.

Then I cut out the area where the magazine goes.

And lined the inside areas with cardboard.

Next I created the bevel on the bottom sides of the barrel with a strip of cardboard.

And then did the same with the bevel on the top.  I glued these in place with ABS glue (white glue).

While the cardboard was drying I measured the diameter of the magazine area and made 2 circles in cardboard and cut them out.  These will be templates for the magazine.

I also did the same for the bottom of the handle.

Once all the circles were cut out of foam core, I glued them together.

Since the magazine on the original Samaritan has a raised area on the back, I left space for it on mine.

I then covered the magazine foam core with a large strip of cardboard.

Looking good so far!

Next, I made a template of the handle out of cardboard and made traced it on some sheets of styrofoam.

I cut out the handles and glued them in place.  

Next, I shaped the handle using a hot wire.
And then I used some plater wrap to cover the handle.

While that was drying I started to cut out the pieces of the magazine.

And applied wood filler to the new cavities I've made.

and to various other gaps in the gun itself.

Not feeling satisfied with the soft styrofoam handle, I removed thestyrofoam

And began shaping a new handle out of denser insulation foam.

And glued it in place.

Using an X-acto knife and sand paper, I shaped the foam to fit the handle.

Next I glued on the magazine.

I had a clear coin tube laying around which I used for the small round extractur rod underneath the barrel.

This tube was not long enough so I filled in the space with some foam.

And then trimmed it to look like the rest of the piece.

Next, I layered pieces of cardboard over the magazine.

And used a thin piece of cardboard to connect the lower and upper parts of the barrel.

And even more cardboard to form the sight.

Using some foam, I cut out and carved the hammer found on the back of the gun.

And glued it on.

The gun is really looking sweet!

Next, I started cutting out a space for the hole in the front of the barrel.

And I inserted the cap to the coin roll I used for the extractur rod.

Next I added wood filler to the card board edges and the foam.

Once that dried I gave the gun a good sanding.

Not satisfied with the foam pieces I added behind the magazine, I removed them.

And gave the whole gun a good sanding.

And then some primer.

Next, I cut out some panels for the sides of the gun out of crafting foam.

...and glued them on.

I also created a trigger guard from 2 thick sheets of crafting foam.

I also added some furniture tacks to spruce things up.

And then gave it a coat of gray primer.

...followed by black primer.

Here the Samaritan dries with the Mal Reynolds pistol & the Snub pistol.

Next I gave it a coat of Silver paint.

When the silver dried, I added brown paint for the handle.

Then added some black acrylic to distress the gun.

Then it's back outside for some protective enamel.

And I think that's about it for this one.

It's definitely not the best Samaritan pistol out there, but I think it's a good first attempt.
Hopefully by the time I make another one my skills will have improved to the point where I can make it open and close, and the magazine will be able to move...
but for now I'm pretty happy with it!

Thanks for reading!!!!

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