Sunday, February 26, 2012

Miscellaneous Guns 2

While cleaning up what was once my art room, I found some other older projects I had worked on at one point or another.  I believe that very soon all these projects will be worked on and hopefully finished.  So check back often to see how these weapons of mass distraction turn out.

Tommy Gun
For Halloween 2010, my girlfriend Jess wanted to be a Gangster Chick.
She has the outfit, just needed the Tommy Gun, and being just a few days until Halloween, most stores were out of toy Tommy Guns.  So I made one for her.

The whole gun was made out of styrofoam, except for the barrel.  Once I had the basic shape of the gun, I covered it in cardboard and used wood filler to smooth it all out.

About a year ago it broke, and I only recently fixed it, but I plan on adding more to it and making it look even better than before!

Klingon Gun

I do not recall what kind of kit it was, but when I was young my father gave me a wood kit of some sort.  I had tons of excess wood in peculiar shapes, so I decided to turn them into the gun seen below.

Sadly, I never finished it but now that I have found it again, I think it will be worked on!
Looking at the grip of the gun it looks very thin.  So I cut out layers of cardboard to thicken it up and glued it on.
I then cut more cardboard to give the top of the handle a little more shape.

I then decided to glue on 2 pencils.
and then made a 'cap' for the ends of the penicls.

More work on this one to come!

Sandtrooper gun

Here was another gun I began, but never finished.  Infact, I did not even get close to finishing it, but I did like what I initially made.

One day I found it all broken up and I began repairing it.

This gun was too made of styrofoam and cardboard.  The trigger guard is made of PVC Pipe anchors.
My trouble with this piece is that the base is styrofoam, and I planned on using PVC pipe for the very long barrel.  Since the pipe will be heavier than the base of the gun, it will probably break easily.  So I will have to figure out how to make a lighter barrel and finish this one up some day soon!  The butt of the gun was wade from layered cardboard, and it is already too heavy.  So I made a new stock out of styrofoam.
I honestly do not know how well this whole thing will turn out.  But stay tuned to find out.

Stormtrooper Gun

A few years back I made my own stormtrooper gun, and I thought it was great!  But one day I found the toy version on the gun in a toy store and bought it.  But I still think my version was pretty great.  

The images below show a toy stormtrooper gun which I painted black on the top and the stormtrooper gun I made below it.

For my gun, the body was made mostly of a tube of PVC piping, which I drilled holes in.  The handle was several layers of cardboard.  The trigger guard was a piece of a PVC pipe wall coupling.  The grips on the barrel were made of foam window/door sealers and the various other pieces seen here and there were components of printer toner cartridges from my job at the time.  I also had a scope - which I can not find at the moment - which was made from cutting a funnel.  All in all it's a good looking gun, but I may kitbash it into something else one day.

Rebel Trooper Gun

This was also a fun gun to make.  It needs some updating though.

Like the stormtrooper gun, this gun is mostly a piece of PVC tubing.  The funnel I used for my stormtrooper gun's scope became the barrel of this gun.  The tip is a little wooden pot screwed into the front.  The 'grips' on the barrel are strips of balsa wood.  The handle is cardboard, and the trigger guard is once again PVC wall mounts.  The scope on this gun is an actual working scope for a BB gun, which I found on sale at walmart for about $9.

 Snub Pistol

The Snub Pistol is a weapon used in the Gears of War series of games.
I started this project many years ago and didn't get as far as I would have liked.

This piece is pretty much 100% cardboard and wood filler, with a coin capsule serving as the barrel. 

Recently I decided to add a little bit more to it.  I glued on some pieces of insulation foam and sanded it down smooth.  Wood filler was also added to further smooth some rough parts.

Then I sprayed on primer.

This gun still has a few spots that need work.
This will be a fun project to finish one day soon!

Below is a shot of a gun handle that I did not get very far on. This initially was going to be a replacement handle for the snub pistol, but didn't get too far. But it does show how nicely cardboard can be sanded and shaped.

Hopefully in the near future I will have time to finish off these pieces.

Lastly, here is a piece that I began making at work one day.  It was hopefully going to be a sci-fi looking weapon that would shoot rubber bands.  I even photographed the steps to make it so that I could make a blog posting about it.  Unfortunately, one morning I came into work, eager to work on my weapon only to discover it was no longer hidden under my desk.  I didn't get scolded by any of my bosses, so I can only assume the cleaning lady either fancied it, or thought it was junk.

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