Saturday, June 23, 2012

PVC Lightsaber

So, a few months back I made a posting about some lightsabers I made a few years ago (to see that posting click here).  A few people had asked how I made them, so I figured I'd make a new blog entry on how to make them.  They are incredibly easy and inexpensive to make - to buy all the PVC pieces only cost me about $7.

My first step was to go to the hardware store (Lowes or Home depot) and picked up some PVC pipe fittings that I thought looked like a lightsaber hilt. These fittings were made to fit 3/4" PVC pipes.

And I also picked up a 3/4" PVC pipe.  You can get 8-10 feet of PVC pipes for around $3 and change at Home Depot.  I went to Lowes where they have 6 foot pipes for about $1.70.  Since I am only making one lightsaber, I didn't need all the extra pipe.

Next, I took all the pieces and put them on the pipe.  I used rubber O-rings as dividers for sections of my hilt.

Next, I placed my old hilt next to my new one to make sure they are about the same length.

And then I cut the new PVC pipe to match the length of my older lightsaber.

The length of the hilt and blade can more-or-less be any size that you want.  I wanted my new lightsaber hilt and blade to be about the same size as my older lightsaber.

Since I know how I want it all laid out, the next step is to sand down all the writing that is molded onto the PCV fittings.

I removed the lettering but only lightly sanded it.  I wanted this hilt to look somewhat new - but still had a few scuffs from a few battles.

Once the sanding was done, I put the handle back together.

And then drilled holes in each piece of pipe fittings.

And then screwed screws into each fitting.  These screws will keep the handle together.

Once everything fit right, I then took everything apart and marked where the hilt would cover the PVC pipe.

I would hold this part of the pipe while spray painting it red.

The pipe fittings would be painted silver.

And let to dry.

Once dried, I assembled everything.

And there you go!  Not including spray paint and screws, this project cost less than $15, and only takes about an hour or two to make at the most.  There are dozens of different PVC fittings - all different shapes and sizes.  You can make so many different looking hilts at very little cost.

These light sabers are great - especially for kids.  They are cheap, easy to make and take quite a beating.  If they break, you can fix it with a new piece of pipe or make a new one.


  1. Just finished my first pvc saber after your instructions. Couldn't be happier with my new sith blade :)

    1. I'm glad my blog helped Michael! I would love to see how yours turned out!

  2. Have you made one with a soundboard and or just lights??

    1. No I haven't. I had toyed with the idea of using EL lights (Electroluminescent Lighting), but I haven't gotten around to making one yet. It's on my bucket list though.