Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bellatrix Wand

After making my own Harry Potter-style wands (seen here), my girlfriend wanted one of her own.
I decided to make her one similar to Bellatrix LeStrange's wand.

First off I found this image of her wand on the internet.  I will base my wand after this.

Having run out of Apoxie Clay (which I used for my previous wands) I decided to carve the wand out of some pieces of insulation foam I had lying around.

I traced a simple image of the wand handle on a piece of foam and carved it out with my X-acto knife.

 The I further refined the shape with my knife.

Next, I did the same thing for the wand part. 

And glued both pieces together. 

The top and bottom of the wand handle should have been thicker in my mind, so I glued 2 pieces on both sides of the top... 

...and bottom. 

and then carved the added pieces to smoothly fit the shape of the handle. 

Lucky for me, my girlfriend wanted to help on this project, so she covered the wand in plaster wrap, and may I say, she did a great job!

I think I will be drafting her to help me with applying plaster wrap on my future projects.  Next she applied wood filler to her wand.

And then sanded it smooth.

Above you see Bellatrix's wand freshly sanded.  Since my girlfriend is getting good at applying wood filler,I had her add some to my Mal Reynolds pistol seated next to the wand.

Next the wand was cleaned of dust and debris and got it's first coats of primer.

The first coat was gray, and did a great gob of filling some small holes that were in the wood filler.

The second coat was red primer and did an even better job smoothing and filling.

Finally, one more coat of gray primer before painting it brown.

The brown went on nicely.  Once it dries, we'll start giving a wood like texture by applying some black shoe polish.  Unfortunately, even after 48 hours of drying, the brown spray paint was still quite tacky and was shrinking and twisting on the bottom half of the wand.  I promptly threw out the spray paint and used some clear enamel to solidify the wand.

After the enamel was applied, the wand felt ok.  The messed up parts will be fixed when applying the wood grain details.

My girlfriend used some black shoe polish to create the wood grain look.

And she did a great job!

The last step was to apply some clear enamel to protect the paint job.

And we're done!

This was a fun project to work on, and working with my girlfriend Jessica made it great!

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Good stuff, Timbo! Great work from you both! You are so lucky having that sort of insulation foam available - we don't use that type in New Zealand - it seems to be so useful for prop makers.

  2. Hey Phil, and thanks!
    I'm pretty sure you can order the foam online.
    I'll research it and email you what I find.