Monday, October 15, 2012

Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs

My girlfriend and I are big fans of the show "Game of Thrones".  I believe my girlfriend's favorite character is Daenerys Targaryen who receives 3 Dragon Eggs as a wedding gift.

I am going to attempt to make one dragon egg, and hopefully in the future learn how to mold and cast that one egg so that I can make a complete set of 3 for my girlfriend.

But for now I am only going to make one.

The above 2 images of dragon eggs will serve as reference for building my own.
I will be making the basic shape of this egg out of 3/4" thick insulation foam.
I started by making drawings of the shapes on the computer and printing them out of card stock.

These will be templates which I will use to trace the shape on the foam.
Note that there are 9 layers to this egg.

Next I cut the pieces out and glued them together.

Then I began shaving the edges down to make it more rounded.

Once the basic shape was more or less done, I grabbed my course sanding block and began refining the shape.

Side Note - When I write up my blogs, I usually do them at the end of the crafting day, and thus most of my blogs are incomplete, or in progress.  I also usually keep all the mistakes I make in the blog so that people see where something's gone wrong and are aware that I am an amateur.  Being an amateur is not a bad thing.  Making mistakes is how you learn.

That being said, I'd like to point out one mistake I've already made on this project.  You'll notice on the image above showing the templates drawn on the sheet of foam, there are 9 shapes showing ( #1-#4 twice and #5).  While cutting these shapes, the middle piece, #5 fell on the floor.  I forgot about it and glued the 8 remaining pieces together.  The egg in the above pictures should have 9 layer, but they all have 8.  Finally I noticed this, found the middle piece on the floor, split the 8-layered egg in half and reglued the missing layer.
The image below shows the egg now corrected.

and now it's time to sand.

After sanding, I gave the egg a coating of wood filler.  I coated the top first as it dried on a PVC coupling.  When the top dries I'll flip it and coat the bottom.

Next, to work on the scales.
Using reference images, I drew the general shape of the scales in illustrator, 

and created a few sheets which I will double-stick-tape to flexible crafting foam.

Then I began the daunting task of cutting them all out.

And one by one I began gluing them onto the egg.

I started from the bottom...

...and progressively moved up.

almost done....

And finally finished!

The next step is to cover this boy with wood filler.  This will fill up the porous foam texture, plus all the gaps in between the scales. But before I tried that approach, I decide to see how much fill primer would work on the gaps.

The primer was good in filling the texture of the foam scales, but did not do too much for the spaces in between each scale.  So on to wood filler!

It's going to take a while to get filler underneath each scale.

Once the filler dried I took a wet sponge and softened a lot of the hard edges from the wood filler.  Since wood filler is water based, you can use this method after it dries.  I tend not to do this in my projects, but since I don't want to damage the foam scales with course sand paper, I thought this the best route to go.

Then I used some watered down wood filler to fill in a few holes and parts that needed it.

After a few more sessions of sponging and fine sandpaper, the egg is ready to be primed.

The first coats were the light gray primer.

I made sure this time to get the bottom of the egg.

The second coats were of red primer.

Now it's really looking like a dragon egg!

Next, my girlfriend gave it a first coat of acrylic paint.

She then added a few more coats of green to make it a deep, rich green color.  When that dried she sponged on some copper paint.

When the paint on the top of the egg dried she then painting the bottom.

When it was fully dried it looks amazing.  My girlfriend did a great job painting it.

For the egg stand I bought a PVC toilet flange and screwed it onto a round wood plaque.

My girlfriend then painted a few coats of black enamel.

Followed by some sponged on copper paint.

Looks great!

Next I took it outside and sprayed everything with some clear enamel.

After the clear enamel was applied, the Dragon egg has a new home on a shelf.

This was a fun project and I think it came out well.  Thanks to my girlfriend Jess for helping me with it.  She did a great job.  Thanks for reading!

UPDATE - 9/22/2013
I have shared my templates with a number of readers and asked to see their progress.  I'd like to thank Dani for being the first to respond with some photos.  I think her Dragon egg came out spectacularly, and she plans on making more.  I can't wait to see them!  Below are a few shots she sent me.  Thanks Dani!

A reader named Shirley also sent me this picture of her egg:

I encourage other people who have made these eggs with my templates to share their photos.

UPDATE:  I made a new post with the templates I used to make my egg.  You can download the templates here.


  1. Thanks for posting this.
    I was looking for a tutorial on how to make the eggs, and yours seem very realistic.

  2. My pleasure! I'd love to see how yours turns out!

  3. Thank you for making this tutorial, I was having trouble with my scales, they were too pointy and weird looking, I think I'll try your pattern, Thanks!

  4. Hey Bobbi,

    If you want I have a PDF of my print file I can email to you.

    1. Hey Timbo -
      I'd like to have this pdf-file. :) I will give it a try!

    2. And I forgot to mention my email... :)

  5. hey :)
    I really love ur designs :) I am a big fan :)
    But I am not sooo good with shapes and stuff :) Would u mind mailing me the designs for the egg and the scales...??
    That would be awesome :)
    Thanks :)

  6. Hello Therese! Thank you for being a fan of my blog! Give me your email and I would be happy to send you my files :)

  7. my email is :) thanks soo much......

  8. Would it be too much trouble to shoot them to

  9. This is the best tutorial to make dragon eggs, you're great!
    Could you please send me to me too the file? my email is Thank you!

  10. I loved your tutorial. Could I also get a copy of your designs. My email is, thank you very much.

  11. Hello Maria,

    Thank you for your compliment! Once I get home tonight I will be happy to send you my files!

  12. You are a very talented artist! It was a pleasure reading about and viewing your process and end result. The egg is absolutely gorgeous!

  13. That's amazing! I am going to try to make dragon egg earrings out of polymer clay and hope mine turn out as good as yours. I'll be posting my results on my blog here --- I hope it won't be too time-consuming making those tiny scales! I've been surfing the net for ideas on how to make the scales more easily.

  14. Hello WeekendFactory! Here's an idea for you: If you are good with clay you could probably make one dragon scale out of sculpy or clay that hardens and use it as a template. Then take your template and make many molds in some non-drying clay. Then fill the molds with some resin and quickly make many scales. Let me know what you think, and thanks for reading!

  15. Amazing work! Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial. Would you mind sharing your design templates again? Email is Thank you!

  16. I'll gladly share Howloween!

  17. Could you also please send your PDF file to

    I'm going to try to make this for my friend as a halloween present. Amazing tutorial. Thank you!

  18. Wow this is the best tutorial I have seen! Those turned out amazing! I see you email your temples out. Would it be trouble to send a templates to email ?

  19. Nice tutorial! That looks fantastic!! Can you share the size of the largest & smallest egg template? Or if at all possible, send me the template (enigma75 AT

  20. Hello Enigma. I had trouble emailing the files to you, so here are the dimensions for the large egg shape (width 7", Height 9.125") and small egg shape (width 3.75" Height 5").

    1. Sorry! I put "AT" instead of @ so bots wouldn't spam me. But what you gave me is perfect, I think I can figure out the dimensions for the rest of the templates...thanks!!

  21. Hey Enigma. If you have any problems let me know. I can figure out another way to send you those files.

  22. Wow, your tutorial is awesome! I only wish I found it earlier. I'm making my own egg using a different method, but I see that your way is so much better! If you wouldn't mind spending me the files as well, that would be awesome! Cheers!

  23. Theses are amazing and I want to surprise my friend with one for her birthday! Could you email me at the dimensions for each layer of the egg and the template for the scales?

  24. Hello Ariel and thanks for commenting. I emailed you the templates for the egg and scales :)

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  26. Hey, there! Would you mind to share your templates??

    I thank you so much for that!

  27. These are so well done. I'm very impressed with your work. I would also like to request the templates for this project to give as a Christmas present.

  28. These are brilliant, I'm going to try and get one finished in time for Christmas, I bought a pre-made polystyrene egg to cut down on some of the work and as an added bonus I can put something inside it too!
    I'm using your scales jpg and they look to be about the right size, so wish me luck and thanks again for the inspiration :)

  29. Hey David, I'm glad I could inspire you. Please send photos when you're done. I would love to see how yours opens up!!

  30. I would love to try making these Dragon Eggs for my kids...oh who am I kidding! For myself! ;) Would you send me your templates at I will definitely post my finished project

  31. Can't wait to try this out! Going out asap to buy my supplies :) quick question though, what did you use to glue the scales on? Thanks so much for posting this!

  32. Hello Kaiafi and thank you for your comments. I used hot glue to attach the scales. Let me know if you need any other help!

  33. Hey Timbo, great job on those eggs. I would love a copy of your plans. I will send a pic when I get done. Thanks.

  34. Hello Troll Hole.....
    All the plans can be seen here:

  35. Can I ask how you cut the insulation foam board? I having a hard time getting a blade through it and yours looks really clean cut.

  36. Hey Comicgirl, I used an ordinary X-acto knife to cut the foam. If you look carefully at my pictures you'll see my cuts aren't that clean. Make sure you're using a sharp blade. A dull blade will make a big mess. But don't obsess too much over the cuts - sanding and filler will fix any imperfections you may have.

  37. Hey timbo can I get a copy of your p_d_f file as well. My friend is a game thrones fanatic and I was hoping to make her an egg for her birthday. My email is Ty for tutorial can't wait to get started

  38. I notices this and most of the comments are from a year or two ago, so I don't know if you still have the template, but if you do I would be so grateful if you emailed it to me! I really want to make this for a school project :) My email is

    1. Hey CJ, You can download my templates using the link on the bottom of this blog entry - or go here:

      I'd love to see how your eggs come out!

    2. Thank you so much! ^_^ I'm super excited to get started :D