Saturday, November 24, 2012

Snub Pistol

Faithful followers of my blog may recognize this gun from a previous posting (Miscellanius Guns 2 seen here).  I recently decided to finish this gun.

Inititally it was made completely out of cardboard.

I added some blocks of insulation foam to a few parts of the pistol, sanded them smooth, and covered them in wood filler.

And then gave it a coat of primer.

Next, I started to add pieces of crafting foam to add to the look, and also smooth out the surface.

I also added a wire cap to the front - but didn't like how it looked and removed it.

Instead I just added more crafting foam.

And then I added some furniture tacks.

Next, I gave the pistol a coat of gray primer.

and then black primer.

Here we see the Snub pistol, Mal Reynolds pistol and The Samaritan pistol drying.

Next, I gave it a coat of silver paint.

Then I dusted the whole gun with black primer.

Once the primer dries I plan on sanding it to let the silver show through.... least that is what I planned to do, however the primer stuck to the paint a little too well.
So I wound up just applying silver paint and distressing the gun that way.

The silver paint I used wasn't drying very well, so I took it outside and sprayed some protective enamel on it.

Next I took some light blue acrylic paint and started painting parts of the pistol.

I also used some red paint.

And then took it back outside for the last coat of protective enamel.

And we're done!!

Several years ago I started it and then left it alone.  I'm glad I picked it up and finally finished it.  Thanks for reading!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Elder Wand

So, after making my Harry Potter style wands (seen here), and my Girlfriend's Bellatrix Wand (seen here), my Girlfriend's Mother wanted one.  She wants the Elder Wand, mostly to restore power to her house from Hurricane Sandy, but also because it's a cool looking wand.  So I am happy to make it for her.

But this will probably be the last wand I make for quite a while.
To start I looked up a bunch of reference photos on line.

Then I took pieces of insulation foam and glued them together.  I only had pieces left - which is why I simply didn't use a whole piece of foam.

Next I drew a rough layout of how the wand will look onto the foam.

And then began to carve it out.

Because this wand is quite thin at the top, I'm starting to think that foam will not survive the trimming and sanding I will be throwing at it, so 5 minutes after I started, I stopped.

I will use a paint brush instead.  To make the wand a little longer, I used a small pencil I had hanging around.

Using glue, cardboard and tape, I connected the brush handle to the pencil.

And then wrapped the pencil and brush in some Apoxy Clay and let it dry over night.

The next morning the clay hardened beautifully.

Next I gave everything a good sanding.
Once I cleaned up the wand, I started to add some clay to form the round bumps on the wand.

While the clay was still soft, I took the rounded cap of a marker and began to make indents on the bumps.

And I am happy how that worked.

I set the wand aside and let it dry overnight.  The next morning the wand looked and felt good. 

After some light sanding this wand is ready for some primer.
The First coat was light gray.

The second coat was dark gray.

When the primer dried, I painted the wand brown.

Then used some black shoe polish to give it some streaks.

Next, I mixed a bunch of colors to really give it texture and realism.

And finally a coat of clear enamel.

And that's it!

I hope you've enjoyed reading!