Saturday, November 24, 2012

Snub Pistol

Faithful followers of my blog may recognize this gun from a previous posting (Miscellanius Guns 2 seen here).  I recently decided to finish this gun.

Inititally it was made completely out of cardboard.

I added some blocks of insulation foam to a few parts of the pistol, sanded them smooth, and covered them in wood filler.

And then gave it a coat of primer.

Next, I started to add pieces of crafting foam to add to the look, and also smooth out the surface.

I also added a wire cap to the front - but didn't like how it looked and removed it.

Instead I just added more crafting foam.

And then I added some furniture tacks.

Next, I gave the pistol a coat of gray primer.

and then black primer.

Here we see the Snub pistol, Mal Reynolds pistol and The Samaritan pistol drying.

Next, I gave it a coat of silver paint.

Then I dusted the whole gun with black primer.

Once the primer dries I plan on sanding it to let the silver show through.... least that is what I planned to do, however the primer stuck to the paint a little too well.
So I wound up just applying silver paint and distressing the gun that way.

The silver paint I used wasn't drying very well, so I took it outside and sprayed some protective enamel on it.

Next I took some light blue acrylic paint and started painting parts of the pistol.

I also used some red paint.

And then took it back outside for the last coat of protective enamel.

And we're done!!

Several years ago I started it and then left it alone.  I'm glad I picked it up and finally finished it.  Thanks for reading!!

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