Thursday, December 13, 2012

Batman helmet/cowl

So this blog entry is about my attempts at making a Batman cowl.  I once tried to make this from a Pepakura file someone had sent me, but it was way too complex and so I didn't make it.  Then one day I was working on a Captain America helmet and found what I needed to start making my own Batman mask.

What you see below is the Captain America helmet constructed with black crafting foam.

It fits well and should be ideal for my Batman Mask.

So I glued on some Bat ears using both thin and thick black crafting foam.

Next I cut out some Angry brows from foam and glued them on over the eyes.

Then I added a large strip for the chin area.

and more strips to make his pointy nose.

Then I covered the outside in plaster wrap.  I left the insides alone so that the cowl stays comfortable and a little flexible.

I wound up cutting the chin strap which was not faring well after the plaster.

And also began applying wood filler.

Unfortunately the thin foam and plaster wrap on the chin were still too flexible.  I wound up cutting off the chin area as it was flexing the rest of the helmet too much.

Now it's a Batcap.  I'll try to salvage what is left.

While I was contemplating how to go about fixing up the cowl I decided to make a batarang.

The batarang is Bat Man's chinese star, and is pretty cool.
I had some spare crafting foam hanging around and had some time to kill, so I drew up templates.

I printed the templates and cut them out.

I traced the templates on foam and then cut those out.  The white foam is 1/4" thick and the orange foam is about 2mm thick.

Next I glued them together.

The above batarang is from the Christian Bale era of Bat Man.  I am a huge fan of Michael Keaton's Bat Man, and thus I drew out templates for that batarang.

And like the first one, I cut out the foam and glued it together.

Here are both the batarangs.  I eventually scrapped the M.K. era batarang as it was way too flimsy.  Perhaps I will make another one in the future out of a more durable material.

Next I added wood filler to bevel the sides.

Then I sanded the edges down.

Next I gave it a coat of filler primer.

Above you see the batarang along with parts for my Mal Reynold's pistol (version 3).

Back to the Batcap....
So I decided to apply plaster to the inside on the cap as well.  After it dried a bit it was a lot stronger and still fit on my head.

Feeling better about my cap, I gave it a coat of black acrylic.

When it dried I decided I wanted the helmet to have a patched look, so I drew in lines where I wanted the different patches to appear with a silver marker.

I toyed with a few ideas on how to make the patches show.  I was going to either glue on leatherette patches, or glue on some yarn to show the divides.  I opted to create the divides with hot glue from my new hot glue gun.

I then added wood filler to texturize the mends and patches.

When the filler dried I went straight to painting without sanding.  I did this to keep a lot of the texture intact.

I then painted the insides black.

Next I colored the different patches different shades of blue, purple, brown and gray.

and then darkened and distressed the patches with sponged-on black paint.

Then I decided to add some stitches with white paint.

Now it kind of looks like a cross between batman and catwoman.

I wound up toning down the white with a little more sponged on black paint.  While that was drying I grabbed a piece of black leather and cut it into 2 strips which will be used as a neck strap.

Then I folded each strip in half and glued it close with 2 strong magnets inside.

Then I grabbed 2 more magnets and made sure they were magnetized to the correct side of the magnets that were already glued inside the first leather strap. 

And then glued those magnets inside the second leather strip.  Now I have a chin strap. 

Then I glued it onto the sides of the helmet.

And for everyone's amusement I took pictures of me wearing the helmet.

I also added a few furniture tacks to the straps on the side of the helmet to make it look a bit cooler and also to further hold the strap in place.

And that's about all I plan on doing to the helmet.  The next step will be adding protective enamel, but I will have to wait around for better weather for that.

Next I painted the batarang black.

And then added some silver to the edges to look like it's been thrown around a bit.

And both the helmet/cap/cowl and batarang are 99% done!

All that is needed now is a few coats of clear protective enamel for the Batarang and the helmet.

Below Batman, Uruk-hai, Tie pilot and Iron Man v1 helmets dry after a clear enamel application.

And we're done!!!!

Thanks for reading!!!!

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