Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Link's Magic Sword (Crissword)

When you hear "Link's Sword" you probably think it looks something like this:

Well, you're right, it does.  However, in the early 90's there was a cartoon called "The Super Mario Brothers Super Show", and on Fridays they always played an episode of "The Legend of Zelda".

It was a pretty bad show, but I was a stupid kid and watched it.  As a stupid kid I also made myself Link's sword - which was a piece of plywood roughly cut to be sword shaped and spray painted silver, gold and brown.  

It was a pretty awful looking toy, but I made it and I loved playing with it; opting to use my imagination.

So I am going to make Link's sword, but not the most current versions.  I'm going to make one that resembles the sword from the old cartoon.

To do this I took a few screen shots.

And I drew up my own based on the clip art above.

You really can't call this a sword.  It's much too short.  It's more like a dagger. 
Anyway, I printed my illustration and cut it out to use as a template.

Then traced on foam core.

and cut out.

Next I made some levels for the blade using more foam core.

And added some width to the handle with yet more foam core.

Next I took pieces of Insulation foam and started to create the rounded elements of the hilt.

I sanded each to give it a nice rounded look and then glued them on.

I repeated this process for the 3 other rounded areas of the hilt.
I also glued on strips of crafting foam onto the handle to give the look of a leather wrapped hilt.

Then I glued on a few more strips and added some furniture tacks and coin capsules.

At this point I've worked on the sword for about 5 hours.

Next I added wood filler to the 2 layers of the blade.

...and to the rounded parts of the hilt.

I then added more foam core to the diamond shape on both sides of the hilt to strengthen the area.

The area where the blade connected to the hilt was looking weak, so I cut some insulation foam pieces to add more support in that area.

Then I did some sanding and covered the new foam in wood filler.

While that dried, I created a Tri-Force graphic which will eventually go on the coin capsule that I placed on the top center of the sword hilt.

I printed the graphic and double-taped it to some crafting foam and cut them out.

Then I glued them on.

Next I gave the whole sword a coating of black acrylic paint.  The paint plus the wood filler should sufficiently coat the foam so it doesn't dissolve when primer is added.

Below the sword and my gun blade dry after some more painting.

Next I took it outside for it's first coat of primer.

When the primer dried I added more filler to the blade edges to give it a smoother transition between levels.

Then I sanded it and gave it another coating of black acrylic paint.

When the black dried I started to paint the blade with silver acrylic paint.

The silver paint was extremely streaky and not easy to apply - but it was just the first coat.  The subsequent coats should be better.  Below the Gun blade and Link's sword dry after the first coat of silver.

The second coat was a lot better.

Next I added some brown paint to the handle.

...and some gold to the hilt.

Next I added black to the handle and hilt and blade to give it a worn look.

and painted some of the tacks red and the Triforce emblem blue.

Next I am going to attempt to make the blade look 'magical'.  To do this I am going to use a set of opalescent watercolor paints that my father gave me many years ago.

I gave the blade blues and purples,

and the hilt got golds, brass and copper colors.

When everything was dry, I took the sword outside and gave it a coat of glossy enamel.

And I'm done!

I'm happy that it came out as well as it did, especially using foam core and crafting foam.  The rounded parts are a little rough, but I'm sure I'll build better ones in the future.
Thanks for reading!!

Update:  A reader pointed out that the name of this sword is actually "Crissword".  He attached a link from the Zelda Wiki about it - you can see it by clicking here.

Years later when I got into woodworking, I built a wood wall mount for both this sword...

...and the sword I made when I was a kid.

I hang these in my workshop to remind me that it doesn't matter how old I get - you're never too old to have fun making stuff.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Stunning, especially loving the heaps of photos showing the step-by-step changes. Thanks for posting.

    Oh, here's a project you'd have fun with...

  2. Thanks, and that website looks amazing! I'll have to try that Hellboy hand some day soon!

  3. It's Link's Crissword.:

  4. Thanks Lester! I actually didn't know that. Thank you for correcting me!

  5. Well, it's related to the Magical Sword ( as you indicated in the title so you're also partly right.

  6. Well, I do appreciate you letting me know!