Monday, February 18, 2013

The Samaritan Version 2

A while ago I made Hellboy's pistol, the Samaritan (seen here).

I enjoyed making this prop, but my end result was not all that I intended it to be.  Recently I have been making props out of EVA foam...I decided to give the Samaritan a second shot.

For the first gun, I made some pretty decent plans in Adobe Illustrator.

I found them and used them as templates for this build.  I printed out the plans on card stock, cut them out and traced them on the EVA foam (floor mats).

I used some thin crafting foam (green) to cover the seams of the 2 pieces glued together.  Crafting foam is also EVA foam - just thinner.

Then one by one I started adding the elements of the gun, using my templates.

I threw in some cardboard for the beveled areas of the barrel since I can't easily cut thin pieces of foam at an angle neatly.

More crafting foam for the trigger and guard.

...and more elements made from crafting foam.

For the hole in the front of the gun, I used the cap of an octangular plastic coin roll.  The shape around it is more EVA foam.

For the extractur rod, I used a round coin roll.

Next I decided to tackle the magazine.  This is where my first pistol was very lacking.  I used EVA foam with cut outs for the bullets and curved it and glued it.

The shape was not holding well so I made an inner tube for it and rounded shapes for the ends..

It wasn't quite how I wanted it to look, so I eventually scrapped it.

Instead I simply made the rounded shape sans the cut outs.

And I made 2 covers for each side.

Then I glued it in place.

For the shapes of the magazine, I used my template and cut the shapes out on some thin crafting foam.

I then glued that piece to the sides of the magazine.  Later I will smooth out the shapes with something like wood filler or clay.

Next I added more trim to the bottom.

And some of the shapes on the back of the gun.

One thin strip of foam for the guard under the barrel.

and a thicker piece to cover the transition from the coin roll to the rest of the gun.

and another strip on the top.

For the handle, I decided to make it flat and out of the textured side of the EVA foam floor mats.

Since curves don't always cut nicely with this foam, I covered the edges with strips of thin crafting foam.

Then I glued them on.

Not too bad so far!

Next I added some screws.

Then I gave it a coat of black acrylic paint.

Below is a side by side comparison of my 2 Samaritans so far.

Next, I gave the pistol a first coat of acrylic gun metal - which is just silver and black paint mixed together.

...and then a second coat.

It's hard to tell from the photo below, but the gun metal is a lot darker than the silver I used for the first pistol.

The third coat was light, toughing up a few spots that I missed.

Then I added darker mixtures of the gun metal to various parts of the gun.

and I added the gold bullets to the magazine.

and some light weathering with a silver paint marker.

Next I gave the gun a coat of Mod Podge to seal and protect the paint job.

Below the Samaritan dries next to my Stun Gun

Once it dried I was done.

Below the Version 1 & 2 pistols are next to each other.  The version 2 (right) definitely has sharper, clearer edges. 

I was glad that I redid this pistol.  It really came out great.

Thanks for reading!

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