Friday, March 29, 2013

Hazmat Boom-Shot Cannon

Once again I embark on a mission to make something cool out of ordinary household items.  This project evolved using stuff that I had laying around....

EVA foam, cut to the shape of a shot gun handle (a project I started and then stopped almost immediately), empty windshield wiper fluid container...

...and some empty Crystal Light containers.

I will of course be adding other materials later, but these 3 are the primary components.

To start, I trimmed the EVA foam handle so that it could fit the handle of the wiper fluid container.  I had 3 foam pieces, and the canister handle would fit in between 2 of the foam handles.

Then I glued the 3 EVA foam pieces together.  Below you can see the middle layer has space for the container handle.

Next I glued the wiper fluid container to the handle.

Then I took my 3 Crystal Light containers and glued them together to form a triangle.

...and then I glued them to the bottom of the wiper fluid container.

So far it looks pretty cool to me!

Now onto adding some cool looking elements!  These elements will be made out of thick crafting foam.

...and then they get glued on.

I also added some interesting looking furniture tacks.

Next I used some vacuum hose parts to make the barrel.

And I glued a PVC coupling with a hex cap onto the side.  At some point I'm sure I'll add a tube or something coming out of it.

Some of you followers of my blog might remember the scrapped rocket launcher for my Iron Man Version 1 helmet, seen below.  

I decided to use these parts and glue them onto my gun.

I tried a few things to cover up the small gap where the wiper fluid container joined with the gun handle, but failed - so I simply covered it with a few strips of crafting foam.

Then I took some long screws and joined the barrel and body to the handle better.

Next I gave the whole gun a first coat of black acrylic paint.

The initial coats were rather translucent, but subsequent coats fixed that.

Next I applied a few layers of Mod Podge to stiffen the soft plastic and the flexible foam.

When the Mod Podge dried the gun was ready for some painting.

I want to give this weapon the look and feel of something you would normally see in a Bioshock game, similar to the image below.

So my next step was to paint on some silver.

The first coat was very streaky, so I gave it a second which looked better.

The silver was still a little on the streaky side but I decided to leave it, as it would add to the weathering look.  Next I decided to add some brown paint to make some rust.

Then I decided to add some gold and copper paint to start giving it more of a steam-punked look.

At this point I wanted to add more color to the silver parts and make it look more like some old, discolored steel.  And then I remembered that I finally had a working airbrush again (I had fixed my airbrush a few months prior to this project).  So then I sprayed some blues, purples and blacks until I got the desired effect.

Next I added some orange to the rusted areas.

Below are a few beauty shots.

Next I grabbed a Hazmat logo off the internet...

...and I printed it out of paper.

Ti then cut out the symbol and used it as a template, which I drew onto the side of the gun.

I then painted it in with some orange acrylic paint.

Then I finally decided to use some vacuum hose I had leftover from my TIE pilot & ATAT driver helmets.

I glued on a hose attachment onto the handle of the gun.

and then connected the hose to both the attachment on the handle and the PVC coupling on the fluid container.

Next I painted the hose attachment to match the rest of the gun.

Then I took it outside and gave it a few coats of clear protective enamel.

Unfortunately I accidentally knocked off the front barrel.  It was a nice clean break, so once the clear enamel dried, I glued it back on.

And I'm done!

This was another fun project to work on.  The best part of this project was that I spent nothing extra to make this thing.  I already had everything.  It's fun making cool things out of everyday, ordinary stuff.  Hopefully this entry will inspire you to do the same.

Thanks for reading!

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