Sunday, March 10, 2013

Snowtrooper Helmet

For my next project I decided to make a Snowtrooper Helmet from Empire Strikes Back. My initial thoughts on this helmet is that it should be a fairly simple helmet to make....but I can be wrong.

To start off with I printed out a standard stormtrooper pepakura file and assembled only the dome. 

Next, I used a large piece of cardboard to form the back and sides.

After I completed this step I found a useful website with plans for the snowtrooper helmet (  

Luckily my helmet is fairly close in size and shape as the one shown on that site, so I continued on my merry way.  I did however use their template for making the eyes area of the helmet.

At this point I was unhappy with how inflexible the cardboard was, so I remade the back using 2 sheets of thick crafting foam.

I noticed from the plans that there were 6 squares in the very back of the helmet, so I created a template out of paper.

and marked the areas on the crafting foam for the square cut outs.

...and cut them out.

I used another piece of crafting foam, glued behind to fill the back of the squares.

Then I glued the sides/back onto the dome.

For the face plate I used my cut out as a template and traced the shape on more crafting foam.  I was out of white foam, so I used a piece of black foam.

Then I glued that on.

Again using the template, I created the 'glasses' shape around the eye holes.

and lastly I made a 'nose' and glued it on.  This nose is simply there to make the fabric push out a little from the face.

At this point it's hard to tell how well my helmet is coming out.  Since the fabric is not present, the helmet looks wide and squat.  I took a plastic bag and taped it on to see how it might look.

The bag doesn't look great, but the helmet does look pretty good.  So next I set out to find some white vinyl to use for the cowl.  I tried to find a very glossy, reflective piece of vinyl, but I couldn't.  But I did find a duller white vinyl which will be fine.

Next I covered the dome of the helmet in plaster wrap.  I did this on the insides and outsides.

And I also covered the face plate in plaster wrap.

Once it dried I gave it a coating of wood filler.

And then sanded it once the filler dried.  I then glued on the face plate to the helmet.

Next I painted everything black. 

 The reason for painting it black was so I could apply layers of white glue.  White glue will stiffen the sides of the helmet which are made of the white crafting foam. With the helmet painted black I can know what and where I've painted with white glue.

Once the glue dried, the sides were a lot stronger and more sturdier, but still a little too flexible.  Since no one will be seeing the insides, I decided to apply some plaster wrap.

That definitely did the trick!  Once it dried, I gave the whole helmet a brushing of spackling paste.

Once the paste dried I decided to try and attach the front cowl and see how the helmet fits.  So I pressed the cowl material against the face plate and traced the shape so that the cowl will fit correctly.

Then I cut that shape out.

Then I hot glued it onto the face plate and the sides.

It definitely looks cool but there are a few problems:

You can't see it in the image above, but the image below kind of shows that the sides of the helmet were resting on my shoulders.  

So I trimmed the length of the sides.

The other problem was that my nose was mushed against the face plate.  So I cut away part of the face plate near my nose so that I was comfortable.

Next I added more spackling paste to the dome to smooth it more, and did some touch up on the face plate.

While that dried I cut the fabric to better fit the helmet, plus I cut it in sections to better fit on my head without bunching.

When the spackle dried I gave it a good sanding.

And then I gave it another coat of black pain.

When the paint dried I added some wood filler to fill in the many small holes and pits left over from the spackling paste.

When the filler dried I sanded it and then cleaned it up for painting.

Then I gave the helmet it's first coat of white paint.

...and then multiple other coats of white paint.

When the paint dried and the weather warmed up, I took the helmet outside and gave it a few coats of clear glossy enamel.

Once that dried I cut some tinted clear plastic for the visors.

Than I glued them into the helmet.

Finally I glued on the cowl and I am done!

The area around the nose isn't as nice as I would have liked it, but it's ok for now.  For all my fans who love seeing me wear my helmets, this is for you.

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Timbo! Your output is prodigious - you make me feel so lazy! (Anyone else feel like that?)


    All the best and keep those pictures coming. They are both instructional and inspirational.


  2. Thanks Phil! I'm glad you like it!

  3. Hi Timbo, its great too see someone out there making great star wars helmet. I too am making my own home made Snowtrooper intime for Rouge 1 a star wars Story. But the problem is the helmet. Ive run into many problems. After looking at your blog I have confidence in myself again ( I nearly gave up ). So now you are like my Jedi Master XD.
    I have one question. Where did you get the Paprika file for the Helmet. Once I have that to print i can get going. Ill be sure to link my progress here and credit you for this. DANKE SHEN

  4. Hi Timbo, Thank god I found this page. I too am making a whole snowtrooper for starwars rouge one. But Ive been running into too many problems and I almost gave up on the build. This was due to the helmet being so cumbersome. But after finding this i have hope again. Id just need to know where to get the base paprika file or what i can print and stick onto my cardboard to begin the build. If you could direct me the right way I would really appreciate it. Also I might make a video build and Ill link my video here :3 Dont worry Ill shout you out Jedi Master.

    1. Hey Panzer,
      First of all, thank you for your comments. In my blog above there is a link to the face plate of the helmet (
      For the dome I simply used a done from a stormtrooper pep file. These are quite easy to find (google,, etc).
      If you need any other help feel free to give a shout out.