Saturday, March 2, 2013

Star Trek TNG "Cobra head" Phaser

Captain Kirk was always pretty bad@ss with his phaser.

...but I was always a bit more fond of the phasers on The Next Generation.

Even though I have made all of those phasers from Resin Kits (seen here) I decided to make one from scratch.  Since I have them all already, I'm going to make mine look similar, but not the same.  I'm also going to utilize a lot of scrap material I have hanging around.

To start, I drew up some pictures of a phaser at all angles.

Then I printed them out on card stock and cut them out to use as templates.

I made a top, middle and bottom template and traced it onto some insulation foam.

Then I cut them out and glued them together.

Then I used a side template and traced it onto my foam.

And began cutting to refine the shape.

Using sand paper, I smoothed out the shape further.

Then I took some thick crafting foam and began glueing on the different levels that make the top shape of the phaser.  I also wound up filling in the spaces for the grips since I decided to make my grips differently than what is seen on screen.

I also added foam to the sides, top and bottom to smooth out and refine the shape of the phaser.

Next I added some strips to the top and bottom to cover the seams of the foam pieces, and to give it a different look than the phasers we see on TV.

The top strip was bothering me so I removed it and sanded the foam smooth.  I also added the back with some foam.

And added more foam to the sides..

...and the front.  Now all of the insulation foam has been covered.

For the thumb trigger, I used an interlocking piece of foam floor mat, with the textured side up.

And I added other pieces of crafting foam to add elements to the top and bottom of the phaser.

For the grip, I decided to use one large piece of crafting foam, bent around the handle.  I sanded the edges to make it smooth.

Not too bad so far!

Next I gave the whole phaser a coat of white paint.

Followed by a coat of black paint.

When the black paint dried it sealed the foam pretty well, so I began applying the silver paint.

 When the first streaky coat dried I applied a second thicker coat.

Next I started adding different shades of silver to parts of the phaser.

Then I added a green gradation for the phaser 'settings'.

Then, using a black marker, I drew in some line for the various 'settings'.

Finally it received some coats of Mod Podge.

And once the Mod Podge dried I was all done!

This was a fun small project, however compared to my other TNG phasers, this one is way out of scale.

But that's ok - it wasn't supposed to be exactly like the others.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Replies
    1. Jordan,
      I made this over 3 years ago, so I don't remember the exact quantities/sizes of everything, but here's a list of materials I used:
      Card Stock (for printing templates)
      Insulation foam (looks to be about 3/4" thick)
      thick crafting foam (about 6mm thick)
      thin crafting foam (about 2mm thick)
      Hot glue gun/glue sticks
      X-acto knife/scissors
      white, Black, Silver and Green acrylic paint
      paint brushes
      black marker
      mod podge.

      Hope that helps.