Friday, April 5, 2013

Jango Fett

My next project is to make a Jango Fett helmet.  Instead of making it from scratch, I decided to work on a preexisting toy Boba Fett helmet.

I also bought 2 cheap Jango blasters.

The first step was to cover the visor so it would not get damaged.  For this I simply used some masking tape.

Next I used some Bondo to fill in Boba's signature dent.

When the Bondo dried I sanded it smooth, first with medium course sandpaper, and then with very fine sandpaper.  I also used the fine sandpaper to remove the painted on scrapes and yellow stripes from the helmet.  Now the helmet is smooth and ready for some primer.

Next I cleaned up everything and then took it outside for a coat of filler primer.

The filled in dent was still a bit noticeable after the primer.

So when the primer dried, I sanded the areas that needed sanding, and I used some spot filler to better smooth out the dented area.

When it dried I sanded it smooth.

Then I assembled the 2 sides of the helmet and added filler to the line where the 2 halves meet.

When it dried I sanded it.

Unfortunately the 2 halves were splitting when I was sanding.  This was because the toy did not have sufficient reinforcement and was too flexible.

I put some Krazy glue on the seams topped with some hot glue to try and keep it from moving.

Next I went back outside and gave it another coat of filler primer.

There is still a small crack in the seam, and there are still some small indications of the filled in dent.

So when it dried again, I decided to use some wood filler to smooth everything out.

When the filler dried I sanded it smooth.

and then gave it another coat of primer.

This time everything looks right!

Next I used masking tape to cover parts of the helmet.  My first application of spray paint will be silver, so I masked off all the non-silver parts of the helmet.

Then I sprayed on several light coats of silver until the color was uniform.

The 2 pistols also received the silver paint.

Then I left everything out to dry.

When the silver was completely dry, I removed the tape and then used masking tape and paper to mask off the silver parts.

Then I painted on the blue layers to the helmet...

...and the antennae. 

When everything fully dried I peeled off the tape...

unfortunately the tape pulled up a lot of the silver paint and primer on the back.

Not wanting to start from scratch I tried to fix it with acrylic silver paint, but it did not match and the paint was streaky.

So, I re-masked the blue areas and visor and removed as much silver as I could.  I applied a little more wood filler and sanded everything down nice and smoothly...again.

Then I applied several layers of primer.  The first coat was red primer.

...followed by dark gray primer...

...and then some light gray primer.

When the last coat was fully dry, I applied the silver paint.

Once the paint dried I applied some clear enamel to really keep everything together.

While I was waiting for everything to dry I decided to work on the pistols.  The handles are a metallic blue, so I masked off the areas around the handle.

And then mixed some blue and silver paint and painted the handles.

I let the pistols dry and now back to the helmet.  Once the silver was dry I removed the masking tape.

I'm happy to say that with one or two small exceptions, the blue and silver paint stayed on.

Using some enamel paints, I touched up the few small areas where paint chipped off. And I added thin strips of black electrical tape to the dome.

Then the helmet and the pistols went outside for some glossy clear coat enamel.

The weather was nice for spraying, however there were a few sudden gusts of strong wind that made my clear coat lump up in a few areas.  Luckily it is not too noticeable   

The most noticeable clumps of enamel were right in the front dome of the helmet.

So using some silver paint I made it look like some battle damage instead.  I also added a few smaller scrapes on the helmet to balance it all out.  When everything was dry I removed the masking tape from the visor.

And I'm done.

Below is a picture of my "Fett" shelf.

This was a fun project to work on, even though I really didn't create much - just modified an existing helmet.  But I thought it was still worthy of it's own blog entry.

Thanks for reading!

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