Thursday, May 30, 2013

New York Yankees Stormtrooper Helmet

Very shortly after completing my New York Jets Stormtrooper helmet, I made this image in photoshop.

I posted the image on facebook with the comment "I wish I had the patience to make these helmets".  My Girlfriend Jess and I are big Yankees fans. Below is a photo of us at Yankees Stadium.

Anyway, she told me that I have to make the Yankees Stormtrooper helmet.  Having recently restored my old stormtrooper helmet and worked on the Jets stormtrooper helmet, making this helmet should be pretty simple.  So the first step was to buy the cheap helmet off of  This took 3-5 business days.

I also grabbed some Yankees logos that will be used.

I then grabbed an image of a Yankees jersey and using a few different fonts, recreated the text that will eventually be on the front of the helmet.

Finally my helmet had arrived.

I took off the cheap stickers and the eye lenses.

On several of my rebuilds (Stormtrooper Helmet restoration, Jango Fett Helmet, NY Jets Stormtrooper Helmet), I had trouble where the seams from the 2 halves of the helmets would split while I was working on them.  The halves were held together with different glues, tape and other materials.  This time I am going to use fiberglass and resin to make sure the 2 halves of this helmet stay together well.

Below my Yankees Stormtrooper helmet and my AOTC Clone helmet cure.

When it was dry I applied some Bondo to the dome to seal up the seam.

Once the Bondo hardened, I sanded it with my mouse sander.

Next I took it outside for some primer.

The first coat was red.  Below this helmet dries with 2 other clone helmets.

The second coats were gray filler primer.

When the primer dried I added some wood filler to a few spots and gave the helmet a good sanding.

Then it's on to priming again.

When the primer dried I gave the helmet a good sanding.

And added a little more filler to the seam and the sides.

Them came sanding and cleaning again.

Next I took it outside for a coat of primer.

Unfortunately it began to rain expectantly  so my helmets had to be moved inside for drying.  Luckily my landloard did not complain about the smell, and nothing bad happened to the helmet as a result of the rain.

There were still a few small areas that needed filler.  So more filler applied....

Followed by sanding, cleaning and primer.

Next I took it outside once again for primer.

At this point the helmet is good enough to proceed.  There are still a few small minor imperfections, but they are hardly noticeable.  I bought some dark gray Dupli-Color car paint, and gave the helmet a few coats.

The finish looks awesome!  But it still needs a few extra coats.

I like this color so much I painted the insides as well.

I let it dry overnight before masking off the helmet for the areas to be painted blue.  The next day the paint job was a bit uneven, especially on the dome of the helmet, so I gave it another coat and let it dry overnight once again.

Once it was fully dried, I applied some painter's tape to mask off parts of the helmet for the blue paint application.

Next, blue spray paint.

After it dried it needed one more coat.

Once the paint had dried I removed the tape.

Despite paint coming off with the tape on the back/bottom of the helmet and a little chip on the left side of the dome, the paint job looks excellent.  

I always wind up adding similar chips and wearing on my helmets, so I think I'll leave those areas alone for now and add a little to them with some white paint.

I also painted in a few other areas with white paint.

While that dried I attempted to paint the ears light gray...

...however, paint did not seem to stick to the ears, so I wound up peeling off the paint.

Next I printed the Yankees Logo on card stock...

 and cut it out to use as a template.

I traced the logo on to the front of the dome, and began painting it white.

I also reattached the ears.

Then I used some paint markers to add more details.

Next, I printed out the lettering that will go on the back of the helmet.  I then cut out the letters to use as a template.

I originally wanted the lettering on the front of the face plate, but changed my mind when it came time to add on the letters.  So I taped the templates on to the back of the helmet.

Then I traced the letters and began painting them in.  The first coats were streaky..

...but the subsequent coats looked great.

Next I took it outside for some clear glossy enamel.

When that dried I glued on the lenses.

For the last step I glued the comfort foam back into the helmet.

And I'm done!

Below my finished Yankees and Jets Stormtrooper helmets sit side by side on display!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Anyway, she told me that I have to make the Yankees Stormtrooper helmet. Having recently restored my old stormtrooper helmet and worked ...