Sunday, September 1, 2013

Shoe Shine Box

For my next wood working project I decided to make a shoe shine box.
I found plans and directions for this at the art of manliness website (seen here).

For the part, mine will be the same as the one pictured above.  Since I have a bunch of scrap wood at home, the thickness of the wood may be slightly different.  I also plan on using some wooden coin holders I had laying around....

...and use them as part of a foot rest on the top of my box... seen below.

Since the wooden coin holders are wider than the top of the box from AOM's website, I altered my templates, which I created in Adobe Illustrator.

I printed my templates and cut them out.

I then traced the templates onto wood.

And proceeded to cut them out and sand them.

Then I assembled everything to make sure it all fits.

Next I drilled holes for the wood dowels, and for the screws.

Some of the cuts were not so neat where the drill exited.  Later I will have these areas facing outwards so I can clean them up and use filler to make it look right.

Since everything looks ok, I disassembled the whole thing, and then reassembled it, this time using wood glue and screws.

When the glue dried, I inserted the dowels.  I marked where each cut will be...

...and then I cut them to length.  I sanded the edges and then used wood glue to keep them in place.

With the box put together it's now time to clean up the look. I used a block plane to even out some of the joints that did not line up perfectly.

 I then used wood filler to clean up some gaps and smooth areas around the dowels and screws.

Once the filler dried, I sanded those areas smooth.

Next I gave the whole thing a good cleaning and then I glued on the coin holders/foot rests.

I also printed out some "old-timey" stickers to throw onto the box.

These stickers will be applied once I paint the box - which I decided to do using acrylic paint.  My first coat was black.

When it dried, I decided to do a bit of weathering.  So I grabbed some brown, red and white acrylic paints and began making it look worn.

Then I added the stickers.

Next I painted on a little more paint to make the stickers also look a little worn.

I decided to use some chalk and write on the 4th side of the box.

and I used my fingers to smudge it a little.

Then I gave the whole box a coating of matte clear coat.

Coating the insides was not easy.  As a result, one of the bars got a little too much enamel.  But as always, things like this add more to the look of the piece (at least it does in my opinion).

Then bought some shoe shine items to put into my new box.

And I'm done!

I'm pleased that everything fits inside nicely.

Another fun and simple project done.  This one took me 2 days to make and cost almost nothing (since I had all the material already).

Thanks for reading!!

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