Friday, September 6, 2013

Tommy Gun Marshmallow Shooter

In 2010 I made a Tommy Gun for my Girlfriend's Halloween costume (as seen in a previous posting miscellaneous-guns-2).  As seen below, this gun was made out of styrofoam and cardboard and then painted.

I only had about 2-3 days to work on this.  Styrofoam is not the best base material to use, and throughout the years the gun has broken several times.  So it's time to remake it!  This time I'm going to make it out of insulation foam - which is much more dense.  To start I drew new templates for the gun in Adobe Illustrator.

Next I printed out my templates and cut them out.

In addition to this being made out of insulation foam, I decided to also make it a marshmallow shooter, to match my M1 Garand Marshmallow shooter (seen here).  Next I used my paper template on some insulation foam and cut the gun shapes out.

Then I glued the 2 halves of the main body together.

Next I used my X-acto knife to start beveling the edges.

Then I used sandpaper to smooth those edges.

Next I glued on a pvc pipe to the body.

Then I started gluing cardboard onto the round magazine..

...and it's sides.

Using my paper template, I cut the sides of the gun out of cardboard.

And then I glued it onto the body.

At this point the insides are pretty hollow.

so I added some crafting foam to the ends near the barrel.

And then I used some cardboard to seal the bottom...

...and the top.

Next I cut a few strips of thin crafting foam....

...and glued them around the barrel near the front handle.

Then I glued some leftover strips of styrene under the trigger guard to help strengthen that area.

And then I glued on the magazine.

Next I used some more crafting foam to add on a few elements.

I also added a wood botton to the top.

And finally a few screws.

Next the gun received a layer of black acrylic paint.

The foam was still too porous for spray filler, so I added some wood filler.

When the filler dried, I sanded and cleaned it.

Now it's ready to go outside for some filler primer.

When the filler dried I started painting the gun.  I mixed some black and silver to create a gun metal color - which I applied to the 'metal' parts of the gun.

When that dried I painted brown on to the 'wood' parts.

Next I painted different shades of brown to give the wood some texture, and some silver to give the metal a slightly used look.

Then for the last step I took it outside and sprayed a few layers of clear matte enamel on it.

And I'm done!

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the old Tommy gun versus the new Tommy gun.

The new one is a lot bigger and more accurate than the older one.  The new one will also survive a lot better than the old one will....and it shoots Marshmallows!!!!

Once again, this has been a fun project to work on and I thank you for reading!!!


  1. hey, i'm from brazil, Could you tell me the measurements?

  2. 33.5 in is the Length I planned for it. It might be longer because of the barrel. Height is about 10 in.

  3. From where do you download the images , sorry the templates ? Thank you

    1. If you send me your email I can send you a pdf of the templates I made

  4. Hello. I can not find your email. I nedd your mesurments of gun 😊

    1. The length is 33 inches, height 9.5 inches