Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Magneto Helmet

Next up is a Magneto helmet. There are so many variations of this helmet to choose from...

 I think mine will be a variation of these.  To start I assembled a pepakura file a friend gave to me.

While working on a different project with some Bondo I had some left over and decided to apply some to the dome.

Since my helmet was made out of cardboard the Bondo held together well and the helmet did not misshapen from the weight.  When the Bondo dried I started applying plaster wrap to the inside.

When the plaster dried, I taped the front cheek guards in place for the next application of bondo.

When the bondo hardened I then applied some resin to the interior of the helmet.

When that cured, I cleaned up the edges a little and added large amounts of wood filler to the sides and top to start rounding out the shape of the helmet.

Then I sanded the helmet with my mouse sander.

Next I painted the helmet with black acrylic paint to seal and fill.

When it was dry, I added more wood filler, and then sanded when dry to continue rounding out the shape of the helmet.

Then I gave the helmet another coat of black paint to seal and fill.

When it dried I felt it was time to work on the 'wings' of the helmet.  So looking at photo reference, I cut a piece of paper to use as a template.

I traced that template twice on to a sheet of thick crafting foam.

And then I glued it on.

After looking through reference photos I noticed the ear areas have a cut out.  So I cut a template from cardboard and marked the shape of the ear cut out.

I also didn't quite have the new brow shape quite the way I wanted, so I wound up removing it.  This unfortunately ripped up a lot of wood filler.  I guess wood filler doesn't stick very well to Bondo.

So my next step was to repair the damage to the helmet, and add more wood filler.

While that dried I took my brow/wing shape that I ripped off and traced it onto a folded piece of paper.

I then redrew half the shape, incorporating a lot of the points we see in many versions of the helmet.

I cut it out and unfolded.

Then I traced it on to some thicker foam and cut it out.

Once the helmet had dried, I cut out the ear holes.

Then I sanded the helmet.

Next I glued on the foam shape.

And began filling the edges with wood filler.

When the filler dried I sanded the edges and then gave the helmet a layer of black acrylic paint.

The areas connecting the foam shape to the helmet were still in need of shaping, so I added some more wood filler.  I also added filler to other parts of the helmet to smooth the shape more.

Then I sanded.

Next I took it outside and gave it some coats of primer.  The first was gray and the second was black.

Once the primer dried I began fixing all the edges.  I softened the points on the foam front so that they faded into the helmet.

Then I sanded the whole helmet with various grits of sandpaper.

Then I gave the helmet a thorough cleaning.

Next I gave the helmet a coat of blue spray paint.  I meant to use some primer, but I was out of it and not in the mood to drive to the store to buy more.

At this point the helmet was more-or-less complete - all the shapes I wanted were there.  There are still a few pits and imperfections that I could fix up with some more filler and sanding.  But as always, I like having a rough, banged-up look, so I will leave them as is and begin the final paint job.

Once the blue dried, I painted the whole helmet silver.

Then I misted on some red.

And then I misted on some purple.

Then I let the helmet dry for a few days.

Now it's time to get the helmet to look gritty.  To do this I painted on some watered-down black acrylic paint.

Once the black dried I began sanding off the black paint using fine sandpaper.

After a good cleaning I used some acrylic paints to add in a little more grime and punishment.

Finally I took it outside for some clear enamel.

Once the enamel dried i glued on some foam pieces to the inside to make the helmet fit more snugly.

And I'm done!

It's been a while since I've made a fool of myself and photographed myself with a new helmet on.  So for those of you who enjoy laughing at me, this is for you:

Thanks for reading!!!

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