Wednesday, December 18, 2013

U.S.S. Kelvin Kit Bash

I have a lot of model kits.  One day I will have to fix them all up and photograph them for my blog.  But this entry is for a kit bashed USS Kelvin I made a few years ago.  At the time I made it, the 2009 Star Trek Movie had not been out yet, but enough images of the USS Kelvin had been leaked.

So I went out and bought a few USS Enterprise model kits - which at the time could be bought for less than $10 at Michael's Art store. 

Kit bashing - for anyone who is unaware of what it means - is when you take a model kit (or several model kits) and make something different then it's supposed to be.  The USS Kelvin seen below was made up of 2 kits: one kit made the saucer, warp nacel, neck and part of the secondary hull, and the second kit made the second neck and the rest of the secondary hull.  

Over the course of a few weeks I bought many of these kits, and made several different star ships.  The Kelvin was the only one I completed.  But I do have the others - which I will photograph and hopefully finish one day soon.

As for this kit, I do not have photos of the building process, but the end results were great.

The secondary hull was actually made out of 2 Enterprise secondary hulls that were cut and joined using scraps of plastic and wood, with some modeling filler and a lot of sanding.

It's not screen accurate at all - in fact the Warp nacelle and the secondary hull were in the wrong positions, but never the less I liked how it came out and hung it from the ceiling in my room at the time.

At the time that I photographed these shots I had a very inferior camera.  I'm sorry that a lot of the pictures are blurry.

At the time of this writing I am in the process of moving, and unable to start any new projects.  But I will endeavor to post whatever I can, whenever I can.  This short entry will be the first of a few entries showing some of my older work.  As stated earlier, I did not photograph the construction process since at the time I had no interest in making a blog, but hopefully the final images will inspire others to make such things.

Thanks for reading!

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