Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Guitar Stand

A few months ago I found a blog from a woman calling herself "superwoman" who made a really cool, simple guitar stand.

You can see her site by clicking here.

She found her template online.  This project looked like fun, so I thought I'd make one too!

To start, I printed out the template (which I redrew and slightly changed in Adobe Illustrator) and then printed it out.  I used my template on some 1/2" plywood I had waiting around.

I then cut out the shapes with my jigsaw.

Once both shapes were cut out I began sanding the 2 pieces smooth.

The wood was coming along nicely, but had a few holes and gaps from the plywood, so I used some wood filler to fill up those gaps.

When the filler dried, I sanded again and the cleaned the 2 pieces and applied some wood stain.

When the stain dried, I used some sand paper to give it that rustic look I love.

Next I used some small hooks and a chain I had...

...and attached them to the pieces of the stand.

I then attached a hinge on the top.

And my guitar stand is done!

This was a very simple little project, but it came out quite awesomely.

Thanks for reading!

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