Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rustic Bathroom shelf

While searching for something nice to hang on my bathroom wall, I stumbled accross this on Ana White's website:

I really liked it so I decided to make my own.  Mine will be slightly different then hers.  To start, I used some scrap wood I had, plus one or two newer boards bought for this project.

I cut the wood to size and made a template in adobe illustrator for the sides.

Using my jig saw, I cut those shapes out of the wood.

Next began assembly of the carcass.

Then I added the backs

And a top.

Then I added some nice looking trim.

These were attached with glue and brad nails.

Then I added some hooks on the bottom.

And gave the whole thing a good sanding.

Hooks were added to the back so it can hang on the wall.

Then I carted it outside and began spraying on some green spray paint.

When the paint dried, I sanded the whole thing to give it a more rustic look.

After cleaning it up, I hung it in our bathroom.

I threw some stuff on it, but ultimately my girlfriend will organize it better.

And I'm done!  This piece looks great and it matches the other green stuff in our bathroom (mostly floor mats and shower curtain - stuff not seen in the photos above).

Thanks for reading!


  1. More excellent work, Tim. As a matter of interest, I see you use a lot of dressed pine, and was just wondering if it is expensive? We are surrounded by pine forests in New Zealand, but dressed pine is astoundingly expensive, so I usually resort to MDF or plywood if I can afford it.

  2. Hello Phil. I often use 'whitewood', which can sometimes be pine and other light colored woods. They are inexpensive here, and not often the best quality. Since I'm still a novice at all this woodworking, I prefer to use cheaper stuff until my skills get a lot better - then I'll start spending money on more quality woods. But very often when cutting my whitewood panels I can smell that it's pine wood.