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With every project I do, I always wind up with scrap material.  Instead of throwing it away, I always keep it - and I'm glad I do!  I always use my scraps sooner or later to make something new.  The following are several nifty boxes I have made using scrap material.

The first Box:
The first box I ever made was this one using scrap material from my original Rustic Bookshelves I built in New York.

The sides were wood, and the criss-crosses were made with strips of cardboard glued on.

Each side had a different cardboard pattern.

The bottom was made of Masonite.

This was a great little box.

Father's Day Box:
The first box I made here in Arizona was my father's day box.

It too was made from scrap material.  The sides were pine and the legs were leftover 2x2's from my newer TV stand build.

The top was made from Particle Board and Pine leftovers.

This box was coming out so nicely for me that I decided to give it to my father for Father's day.

I added some hardware to the front of the box & lid so it was easy to see which side was the front.

Next, I made a box for my X-wing Miniatures.

Initially this box was not made for my miniatures, it was just simply a different box.

But this was the first box to have hinges.

The entire piece was made from wood, and the door was heavy, so I had to put a stop block on the back of the top of the box to keep the door from flipping the box over when completely open.

Hardware and stain were also used for this box.

Another successful box!  I think I'll make a few more!

Next came the Lego Toy box for my Nephews:

Like my previous box, this one was not meant for anything specific - other than having fun making a box.

This box was different in the fact that I used my router and miter saw heavily.  Most of the edges have routed edges, and the decorative sides were mitered at 45-degree angles.

Like my last 2 boxes, this was also stained and sanded to look worn.

The failed box:
When I ran out of pine and particle board panels, I started using leftover 2x4's for the bottom and sides.

This box started out alright...

The lid was made using rejected pieces of particle board from a previous project.

The 2x4 sides and bottom made the inside of the box very shallow - less than 2 inches deep.  And the particle board lid was too heavy for hinges. Under enthused, I stopped making this box and waited for better materials to be on hand.

Next was the mail box:

This box started out being made completely out of particle board, and then got covered with various other pieces of wood.

The sides and bottom were thin sheets of plywood, glued and nailed on.  The top had 2x2's nailed and glued on, and then rounded using my router.

Special trim was bought for this box...

..which was nailed and glued on as well.

Hinges were added as well as leftover trim on the top for decoration.

Then came stain.

And Sanding.

This box has been my favorite so far.  We keep our mail in it for the time being.

The Box for my Brother:
It was my brother's birthday, and so I made a box for him as well.

This box came out awesomely, and used both scrap and new materials.

It has hinges and furniture tacks added.

I stained it a much lighter stain than my normal stuff.

And it received some semi gloss finishing instead of the sanding and weathering I usually do.

All-in-all a beautiful box and I hope he likes it.

Here's another small box that I made, once again with scrap material.

This little box I keep in my office to hole some of my nic-nacs.

When I moved into my new place I threw a lot of scrap material into a large plastic bin.  I did this for a few months and then forgot about it.  Then while cleaning my garage I decided to sort through that bin and I found a lot of usable wood.

This was great because the day after I found it was my honey's birthday, so I decided to make my honey a box.

For this box I decided to miter the corners at 45 degrees...

and glue and nail them together.

Then I used a thin piece of plywood for the bottom, which was also glued and nailed on.

I made more 45 degree cuts on smaller pieces of wood to decorate the sides.

Then I cut a piece for the lid.

I used my router to give the lid nice edges.

I added another decorative piece of wood and hinges to the lid.

And it's coming along nicely so far!

Next I used a small piece of plywood and drilled holes... use as a plate for the inside of the lid.  Later I will write something nice here.

Then came the wood filler...

....followed by sanding.

Then I painted it purple.

When the purple dried I sprayed on webbing spray to give it a marble look.

Followed by polyurethane.

When the first coats of polyurethane dried I then added some gold elements with a paint marker.

Then I applied more polyurethane.

When it dried I reattached the lid and I'm done!

I'm sure I will make more boxes and things using scrap material.  Keep your excess materials!  You can always build something new with it!

In time I've made so many boxes, and a lot of them are for storage.

I've lost count of how many small boxes I've made.

But in my workshop they are great for holding a plethora of tools and hardware I use often for my many creations.

Thanks for reading!

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