Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dartboard Cabinet Stand

Over a year ago I made a very cool dartboard cabinet.

When I moved from New York to Arizona I wound up giving this away.  But I did eventually make a new one.

The only problem with my new dartboard cabinet was that I had no where to put it.  I really wanted it to go on the wall outside on my patio, but that would have been an undertaking.  So I decided to make a stand for it.  I created the stand in SketchUp/

This project only needs four pieces of 2x4x8'.

I cut the pieces I needed using my circular saw.

Then I drilled pocket holes.

2 pieces of wood need 45 degree cuts at each end, so I made those cuts with my miter saw.

Then assembly began.

Construction of the frame was fairly quick.

On the top I added some nuts and bolts for the dartboard cabinet to hang from.

2 sets of bolts hold the D-rings in place.

The stand works well, but the cabinet doors keep swinging forward.

I placed a small piece of wood at the base of the cabinet and frame to see if the slight angle will keep the doors open.

...and it does!

So I glued and screwed 2 pieces of wood where the base of the cabinet lays.

To further help that angle, I cut a small strip of wood...

...and screwed it to the bottom/front of the stand.

I also added a hook on the middle beam.  This hook will hold up a sac I have in the backyard for bean bags - which at the moment are sitting on the floor.

Then I stained the stand.

I used the same stain I used for the new dartboard cabinet.  After wiping down the stain thoroughly, I brought the stand outside to dry further.

I picked up the sack of bean bags and hung them from the hook on the stand.

When the stand was completely dry, I attached the dartboard cabinet and put it in place on my patio.

This was a super easy project and it only took a couple hours to make.  Now I can play darts outside, or move it inside if the weather is too hot.

For those who asked for the measurements, the image below shows it all:
2 pieces cut at 6-foot
and 8 pieces cut at 16.5 inches.

Thanks for reading!


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  2. How stable is this stand? I got a dart board and would like to mount it in my basement but only have 1x2s to screw into. So I was thinking of building something similar to this.

    1. Hello Kevin. My stand is a year and a half old now and is still as stable as the day I made it. It has also been outside - subject to the heat and cold. It's actually doing better than my actual dartboard is. I think you'll be pretty happy with it.

  3. hey Timbo, did you follow the proper specs of the bullseye being 5'8 off the ground? Looking to make this stand but will just put a 2x2 osb board and mount the dart board on that.

    1. That's a great Idea! When I made this I did not follow any rules for the height. I generally put the bullseye around eye-height for me, and I'm 5'10". But I also don't stand 7 feet away each time I play. As you can tell, I like darts, but I'm no professional. But the plans for this stand can easily be adjusted to make sure the height is regulation.

  4. Hi Timbo, complete and utter newbie to DIY but I'm currently living in a student house that doesn't allow damage to the walls (a shame), so this stand would be a great answer! How are the pieces joined?


    1. Hello Natalia. Everything is held together with screws.

  5. What are the dimensions of the base of the frame?

  6. Hi Timbo, thank you very much for making this information available to people. I would like to copy this design identically, can you tell me the size of the small pieces you cut, that appear to be the same length? Also, how are the smaller pieces attached to the stand up pieces, just screwed in from the sides? Lasty, is it easy to move around when needed?

    1. Hello Andrew.
      I will make a new image showing the measurements or each piece and upload it to this entry shortly. I actually used pocket holes and screws to attach the pieces, but normal butt joints will work as well (screwed in from the sides). And the stand is quite easy to move around.

    2. Awesome, I just visited the page after last night, and was wondering how I completely missed the image with all the dimensions on it, then I saw this. Thanks a million!

    3. My pleasure! I hope it turns out great for you!

  7. Thanks for the post! So happy we found it, exactly what we were looking for. The image and the measurements were very helpful!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am very happy to have helped!