Monday, August 4, 2014

Folding Work Table

A few months ago I made some new sawhorses for my new garage.

These were great to work with, but I eventually made some work tables.

Since then my sawhorses have been mostly neglected.  I figured it was time to give new life to them!

I had been planning on building another worktable for my garage - an 8-foot long table.

But I hadn't gotten around to buying the material.  Plus, my car does not easily hold 8-foot long 2x4's.  So the project was put aside, until one day while cleaning my garage I had a good idea: to use my sawhorses for another work table.  I put the 2 sawhorses side by side to see how much room I would have.

The width of the table would be 8 feet, which is the size I wanted.  But I still want to be able to use my sawhorses as they were meant to be - easily movable - so my table top will attach to the wall, and will rest on the sawhorses when in use.  When I need to use my sawhorses elsewhere, the table top will fold down!

I used a level to mark where I wanted to mount two 2x4's to the wall.

I then mounted the 2x4's.

I used a small piece of scrap wood to screw the 2 sawhorse together.  This can easily be unscrewed when I need to use the sawhorses for something else.

I then took some hinges I had...

...and marked where they would be attached to the 2x4's and drilled some pilot holes.

And then I drilled the hinges in place.

Next I went out and bought two half inch 2'x4' plywood.

I placed them on the sawhorses/2x4's to make sure it was level.

Then I screwed the plywood to the hinges.

And I am done!

Once I remove the sawhorses, the table top folds down flat against the wall.

And it's strong enough to hold tools like my drill press and miter saw.

These tables are not strong enough to do any heavy work, but they definitely can support a bunch, and they give me additional work space in my garage to get things done nice and neatly!
Thanks for reading!

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