Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Link's Magic Wood Sword & Shield

A couple years ago I made Link's Magic Sword (Crissword) out of foam core, crafting foam and styrofoam.

You can see my original build here.

Recently I started making wood swords out of left over 2x4's.

I've had so much fun making these wood swords that I decided to make a better version of Link's sword.  This one will be made out of wood!

So to start I dug up my foam sword and drew out the shape from a piece of pine board.

I cut out the shape with my jig saw.

Then I used my hand planer to start thinning and shaping the blade.

After the thickness was right I used my belt sander to smooth out the shape.

I also used my orbital sanders to further shape and smooth out the blade.

Next I started building up the hilt.  I used my compass to trace circles in more wood.

I cut them out as best I could.

After sanding and smoothing, I used my router to round out the edges of these circles.

I also used the router to round out the sides of the handle.

Then I glued and screwed the circles to the hilt.

Next I used some small leftover pieces of wood to build up at the base of the blade.

Since I don't have a table top belt sander yet, I put my hand held belt sander on it's side and started shaping the wood.

(I should note that sanding wood using this method is probably not the safest thing to do.  If you choose to do something similar, use caution).

Once I had the desired shape I glued and clamped the pieces on.

I used other thin pieces of wood in a similar manner to build up the handle slightly.


These pieces were also glued and clamped on.

While the glue was drying I started working on the hand guards.  These were also cut out from pine.

Both sides were routed to round out the shapes.

While trimming one of the pieces broke.

I cut the heads off of 3 bolts...

...and used them with glue to fix the broken piece...

...and to attach it to the handle.

So far this is coming out awesomely!

Next I added wood filler to fix a few spots and to even out the rounded parts.

While the filler dried I started working on a shield.  I drew the shape on one piece of board and cut it out.

I used that piece as a template on another board, cut that out, and had 2 halves of a shield.

I attached the 2 halves using pocket holes and pocket screws.

And then I routed the edges.

I decided to build up the shield a little more, so I cut out a smaller shield using the same methods.

I attached the smaller shield on top of the larger one.

And I have a pretty cool looking shield.

Looks even better with the sword!

Next I found some blocks to use as the sword mount.

I attached them with glue and screws.

Everything received a sanding and then I placed it on the wall to see how it looks.

Next it received stain.

When the stain dried I did a little light sanding.

I wanted this wooden sword to look like it had once been painted, but years of playing and fighting had caused a lot of the paint to chip and fade away.  So I painted the blade white.

And the handle had yellows, blues and reds.

I used the same colors for the shield.

I added some orange, and painted on a gold Tri Force symbol onto the center of the hilt.

When all the paint had dried I gave both pieces a good sanding.

The final outcome was more than I hoped for.

A side-by-side comparison of both the wood and foam swords.

Next I applied finishing wax.

And then I hung it up!

This was a super fun project to work on and I am so happy it came out so well.

Thanks for reading!

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