Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Iron Man Helmets

It should be noted for this entry that there were often considerable lapses of time between most steps.  These helmets were side projects I worked on in-between major projects.


Over the last few years I've made a lot of Iron Man helmets.  But as I was moving from New York to Arizona, I gave them away to a friend.  Now that I am here in Arizona and my work shop and office are all set up, it's about time I start making some new helmets!

I started off with one Iron Man helmet, made with card stock.  I eventually made 2 Iron Man helmets, so for reference we will call this helmet IMAZ-1.

For this helmet I decided to use Fiberglass & resin.  

Since I rented a small apartment in NY, I was hesitant to use resin and bondo often... that I have a house and a workshop, I can work with such things again.

My skills with fiberglass and resin are not quite perfect yet.  This helmet turned out to be a bit lopsided.

For fun I decided to make this 2 parts:  helmet & face plate.

I used bondo on both parts.

After sanding the helmet was still a bit off.

In NY I found a great place that had Bondo on sale for dirt cheap.  I bought 5 cans, and brought them with me to Arizona when I moved.  However, when I opened them only one can was good - and it was partially used.  So, I began fixing the helmet with wood filler instead.

I sanded and tried to fix the helmet further by cutting off parts with my dremmel saw.

Then came primer.

Followed by more primer.

I worked on this and my Rebel Trooper helmet at the same time.

The helmet still was lackluster so I cut pieces of thin crafting foam to improve things.

I eventually decided against a 2-piece helmet so I used some cut up cardboard to hold the face plate and helmet together.

I also closed off the ear areas for a while to help keep the whole helmet solid.

And used more wood filler.

At this point the helmet was still looking shotty, but I didn't want to throw it away after so much work.  So I put it aside and started on a second Iron Man helmet - IMAZ-2.  This helmet was made entirely with thicker crafting foam and will hopefully be a bit more screen-accurate.

IMAZ-1 & IMAZ-2 side-by-side.

I strengthened and filled the surface with some wood glue.

While it dried I sanded IMAZ-1.

Then gave both helmets some primer.

IMAZ-2 received some sanding.

Then both helmets received more primer.

IMAZ-1 then got more filler....a lot of filler.

IMAZ-2 only received a little filler.

But IMAZ-2 received some paper mache on the inside to strengthen it.

Then both helmets got sanded.

IMAZ-2 also received some paper mache on the outside.

Then both received more primer.

Then I used some leftover furniture primer on both.

IMAZ-2 (on blue tarp) has nice strong angles, whereas IMAZ-1 (on stand) has very soft angles.

When the paint dried I added some thin foam to IMAZ-2.

And then I added primer.

IMAZ-1 also received some thin foam to fix up the look.

Both received primer.

Then some more thin foam and primer for IMAZ-2.

First coat was dark gray primer.

Second coat was light gray primer.

IMAZ-1 eventually evened out, and I decided to really make this one look crazy.  I added thick and thin random pieces of foam to this guy.

And primed.

Both helmets drying after receiving primer.

IMAZ-2 then received some gold spray paint.

When the gold dried I masked off the face plate and sprayed on some red.

When the paint dried I removed the tape.

IMAZ-1 received a little more foam pieces in the front....

...and a lot in the back.

Then received more dark gray primer.

...and then light gray primer.

When IMAZ-1 was dry, I painted on some metallic hammered black paint.

While that dried I applied some weathering to IMAZ-2 with acrylic paint.

A little silver paint and the distressing is done.

For IMAZ-1, I added gray paint to the spaces between the foam.

...and then a ton of silver detail all around.

Then both helmets received some clear enamel coat.

Next I used a plastic sheet sprayed with Nite shades tint....

...these will make the 'eyes'.

I cut out small pieces for each eye and glued them on.

And I'm done!

It feels good to have these Iron Man helmets done.  With these pieces on display in my house, my home is starting to feel like home.

Thanks for reading!

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