Thursday, November 6, 2014

Uruk-Hai Helmet 2

A long while ago I made a very cool looking Uruk-Hai helmet.

You can see the original build here.

Unfortunately I no longer have this helmet, but I miss having it in my collection, so it's time to build a new one!

To make this new one I plan on doing the same thing as before, only using crafting foam instead of cardboard.  The blog entry for the original build has all the specifics, so if you are looking to build one, that would be the entry to look at.  This entry will not be as detailed. 

I used the featherweight method to build the initial shape.

One sheet of foam, folded & cut, to make the face plate.

Additional foam sheets to make the sides and back.

I filled the dome with odd-shaped pieces of foam.

...I did not like how this looked.

So I built a new dome using a Boba Fett helmet pep file.

This dome is better.

I glued it on and added a little trim with more foam.

Next the sides and back 'wings' again made out of foam.

Then everything got reinforced with plaster wrap.

Next I added Bondo to the helmet (but not the 'wings').

While the Bondo hardened I began shaping the wings.

Once they reached the shape I wanted I coated them with a few layers of resin.

Today is the first time I'm using resin in quite a long time.  I bought a silicone brush for just this purpose a while back and decided to test it - and it worked wonders.  Plus, resin doesn't stick to silicone - so when the resin hardened I simply slipped out my brush and it's ready to use again, and again.

In addition to the wings, I applied resin to the inside of the helmet as well.

I let everything dry overnight.

The next day I sanded.  

Then I glued the wings on and reinforced them with screws.

Then I gave the whole thing a coat of primer.

When the primer dried I glued on a few more strips of crafting foam.

Then another application of wood filler.

I also started adding furniture tacks to make it look like bolts in the helmet.

Then I added dark gray primer.

followed by black paint.

Then it dried next to my second horned Fett helmet which had also just been spray painted.

When the spray paint dried I began sponging on various colors starting with brown...

then some yellows...

...some greens...

....some whites and grays...

and some more browns.

Next came the fun part - adding the white hand print on the front.

Sweet!  Saruman would be pleased.

Lastly I sprayed the helmet with some clear coat.

Then I added foam to the inside so it fits comfortably.

And I'm done!

This helmet is definitely not as heavy as it's predecessor since it's made mostly out of foam.  But for this same reason I feel it's not as strong.  But the paint job is way better than the first one. All in all I am quite pleased how this helmet turned out.   Thanks for reading!


  1. i'm doing the same thing except with metal,any help on how to do the rounded top of the head>

    1. Metal? WOW! I would love to see how that turns out.
      I've not worked with metal so I can't advise the best way to go about making it. I would suppose it depends on what metal and what thickness you're using. Will you be cutting thin metal - such as aluminum flashing, or welding something thicker? If you're welding or soldering you can most likely use the same templates and then use a grinder to smooth out the joints. I would really love to see your progress.

  2. i tried to comment about 3 times now, this is annoying. so i am doing the same thing but with 1mm steel, any help on how to do the rounded top of the helm?

    1. Hey Theo, I received your first comment and just responded. I've never worked with steel before but I am super intrigued on how yours will come out. I'm assuming 1mm steel is somewhat pliable, so you can probably use a paper template to draw a pattern on the steel. Then you'll probably have a lot of shaping to do with a hammer - I'm just guessing here as again, I haven't worked with steel.

    2. great, thanks for your reply it means a lot. i guess i shall be putting the suit of amour build progress on this website or something like that, blogging thing i don't know,cheers again lad.

    3. Hello Theo, feel free to email me about your build. If you take pictures and write up a good explanation of all your steps I would be happy to publish your build on my blog. Let me know if you're interested.