Sunday, December 7, 2014

Rustic Sconces

My dining room is a rather dark room, with no lighting of it's own.  My girlfriend and I found this lamp at a Target and thought it might work well.

But I wasn't about to buy it.  I would rather make it!  After looking over our dining room and taking measurements I thought there was no good place to put such a large lamp.  So instead, I worked on brightening up the fireplace I built.  I started off with light-up logs and some LED candles.

These look great, but it's still a tad bit dark.  So I bought a fake fire like the one I had in my first fireplace.  This thing does light up the room better, however it is too large to fit in the fireplace I built.

So I put it off for a while, when one day I passed one of my wooden swords and shields and thought that the shield would make a fairly nice sconce.

So, I looked online for other rustic sconces to get ideas.

All the images I found were nice, but didn't quite match my other rustic stuff.  So I just grabbed some spare wood, and decided to wing it.

I folded some paper to make templates.

I traced the templates onto 2 pieces of wood.

Then I cut out the pieces with my jigsaw.

I then screwed the 2 pieces to my work table, plus 4 scrap pieces that I just cut off.

Using my router, I gave nice edges to all of the pieces.

Next I cut the wood for the shelf part of the sconces.

These too were drilled to the table and routed.

I attached the shelves using pocket holes and screws.

Then I glued those small scrap pieces beneath the shelves.

Once it dried, I applied wood filler to all the drilled holes.

While the filler dried, I went out and bought 2 inexpensive candle lights.

Looks good so far!

Next, with the help of my girlfriend, the sconces were stained.

When the stain dried, I sanded them to look worn.

Lastly I hung them up!

They look great!

This was a simple project, which only added more to one of my favorite walls in my house.  Together with the fireplace & vases, this wall looks incredible!

The candles could stand to be brighter, but I can always replace them.

All in all I am quite pleased with them!
A few days later my girlfriend asked if I can make 2 more matching sconces for the opposite wall of the dining room.  I can never say no to her.  I no longer had my templates for the first set, so I used one of the actual sconces to draw the shape on some wood.

Then I cut them out....

...and routed them.

One mistake I made on the first set was I routed all the sides of the shelf supports.  This time I left the surfaces that touch the sconce wall and shelf flat.

Then I attached the shelf and supports and filled the holes.

Next came sanding and attaching the hooks...

Then the sconces were stained.

And then weathered.

Lastly I hung them up in the dining room.

I bought 2 more matching candles to place on the new sconces.

Out of all the rooms in my house, I think the dining room is the nicest looking of them all.
Thanks for reading!


  1. As always, a pleasure to read and to view. Love your industry and imagination. Might be just me, but when I saw the photo of the three rustic scones you found online, I thought "I am Groot!"

    1. Thanks Phil! Looking back at those 3 sconces, you're right - they are reminiscent of groot!