Monday, January 12, 2015

Rustic Vanity Table

Shortly after moving to Arizona I built a simple vanity table for my girlfriend.  She always liked this vanity, but I thought I could build something better.

Fast forward 8 months...
I made plans to build a buffet table for my dining room, but during the construction it deviated from the look I wanted and I decided to make it a new vanity for my honey.  My original plans were made in SketchUp, altering plans of a console table by Ana White.

The following images and text describe the process of building the buffet table.

Using my plans I bought the wood needed and cut all the pieces to size.

The smaller pieces were cut with my miter saw.

The larger pieces were cut with my circular saw.

Then I began assembling the sides using glue & brads...

...and pocket holes/screws.

When the sides were done I began making pocket holes for the long boards which made up the shelves.

Then I attached the sides to the shelves...

...added legs to the middles...

...and attached the supports for the top.

Then I assembled the table top...

...and attached it to the carcass.

There is a dip in the middle of the table I had to fix.

So I took off the top and unscrewed the top supports from the center leg.

I reattached the top, screwing the supports to the top and not the middle leg this time.

I filled in the gap with a smaller piece of wood to help support the top better.

It was at this point that I felt my buffet table was too short.  In an effort to make it taller I cut some wood to make a taller shelf on top of the main table top.

I then began cutting more wood to build the sides of the new shelf.

But the square plywood sides looked unappealing to me, so I cut out curves from the shelf supports.

The new supports were quite nice.

I took the leftover scrap wood from supports and attached it to the main table top to add to the curved look.

I also added a curved support under the center of the top shelf.

I then felt that the top shelf extended too far to the front, so I trimmed it with my circular saw. 

I then took the cut piece, drew some more curves, cut them out and attached it to the top shelf.

I used some more pieces from the curved cuts and attached them to the main table top's sides.

It was at this point that I realized this table would not match the other pieces of furniture in my dining room.  But my girlfriend really liked it.

So then we decided it will be her new vanity!

The original buffet table was supposed to have doors...

...but my girlfriend didn't need doors on her vanity, so I added new trim to the middle shelves.

I also added a few more cut curved pieces to the backs to add more to the roundness of the top shelves.

Looking good so far!

I used my protractor to round out the corners of the top shelf....

...and cut them with my jigsaw.

I then rounded the edges of the top two shelves with my router.

Then some more sanding.

Next I added wood filler to spots that needed it...

...followed by more sanding.

After some more clean up I began staining it.

I used the same stain as I did for my other bedroom furniture.

Once the stain was wiped and dry I added polyurethane.

I very often forget that I have saw horses.  During staining I was on my knees a lot - which at my age isn't great.  I remembered the saw horses and raised the vanity for the polyurethane stage.

Lately the weather has been very cold, so the poly is taking a few days to fully cure.  One day I put the vanity inside the house to cure - a day when no one would be home.  When we returned the poly had cured about 99%, but the house smelled of polyurethane.

That night I placed the vanity on my back patio to air out over night.  I opened windows and ventilated my house.

The next day I sanded the whole thing with some 220 grit fine sandpaper.

Then I moved it to it's new home in the bedroom.

Even though the vanity is dry, I placed sheets of cardboard under each leg to protect the carpet in case stain or poly sticked.

Then I gave the whole thing a good cleaning.

Lastly my girlfriend set up all her stuff on it.

It's funny how this started out being something different, but still turned out great.

Thanks for reading!

Update:  This table is great, but as mentioned earlier, this was meant to be a buffet table with storage shelves.  I eventually made a newer Vanity for my girlfriend which you can see by clicking here.

I eventually moved this table into my office as a nice storage unit.

I even added some doors to the front.

So, whether it's a vanity table, a dining room buffet table or a storage table, this thing looks and works great!

Thanks for reading!

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