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Star Trek Attack Wing Scenario: Khan vs Kirk

Without a doubt the best Star Trek movie ever was Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan.

This movie pitted good ol' Admiral Kirk vs the evil Khan.

This movie also was the first to show another federation ship (the U.S.S. Reliant) that didn't look exactly like the enterprise.

 I bought the Star Trek Attack Wing miniatures of the Enterprise and the Reliant, hoping to play an epic game of Kirk vs Khan. 

But I want to add some elements to make this feel more like the epic ST2 battles.  At one point the 2 ships are cat-and-mousing around a large asteroid, with a space station orbiting.

I tried to recreate this station - called Regula 1 - by 3D printing it.  I made a 3D rendering using SketchUp.  

This little model is vastly under-detailed, but it's good enough for my purposes.  Next I took my file and 3D printed it.

Then I gave it a coat of primer.

Followed by a paint job.

Next I needed that large asteroid that Regula 1 is in orbit of, so I started to make one.  I drew a circle on some thin plywood...

...which I cut out with my jigsaw.

Next I cut some leftover insulation foam to fit the circle...

...and glued all the pieces together.

Once the glue had set, I trimmed the excess foam and began shaping the asteroid.

After a short while I had a decent shape going.

Next I wanted to create a crater-filled asteroid texture, so I sprayed on a layer of gray primer.

I purposely didn't seal up the foam, allowing the aerosol to begin eating away the insulation foam.

Once the primer dried a good amount of material was dissolved, leaving a cratered surface.

Next I began filling up the gaps on the sides and where the individual pieces of foam connected.  I also used some excess filler to create some big craters.

Once the filler dried I painted on more grays and blacks, followed by some clear coat.

The end result was a very cool looking asteroid for the game board.

It's obviously not to scale, but takes up a decent space on the game board.

Then I put both the Regula Asteroid with the Regula 1 Space Station.

Next I wanted to make the nebula that Kirk and Khan have their final battle in.

For this effect I decided to recreate something my father had done almost 40 years ago to use in his dungeons and dragons games.  He had created rivers by painting blues and greens onto some clear plastic sheets.  I happened to have some thin plastic so I gave it a try, this time using pinks and purples.

The test worked well, and it's translucent, but I haven't enough sheets of fill up a third of my game board.  Plus, the many sheets will probably move around during game play, so I decided to build another game board.  I went out and bought another 2'x4' thin sheet of Masonite.

I want this new game board to fit in the same frame I use for my other game boards, so I placed an existing game board on top of the Masonite and traced the shape.

I then quickly trimmed the board with my table saw.

Next I gave the board a coat of black glossy paint.

Then I put on some gloves and sprayed some glossy white spray paint onto the tip of my index finger...

...and I flicked little bits of paint onto the black, creating stars.

Next it's time to make our nebula!  To do this I sprayed a little white on one end of the board.

Then I sprayed on some light blue...

...followed by some pink.

I played around with the blues and pinks for a while until I got it right.  Next I sprayed on more black to better define the edge of the nebula...

...followed by some more stars.

Once I was satisfied, I let it alone to dry overnight.

The next day I used my T-square and a marker to draw a dotted line on the board.  This line signals where the nebula begins and ends.  This will be important during game play.

Then I found some webbing spray and added a little of that to the nebula.

Then I added clear coat.  When all was dry I popped the new game board into the frame.

I placed my asteroid on the game board.

During game play, ships can not fly or fire over the asteroid.

Below are several shots of the finished game board with the Enterprise & Reliant duking it out.

One day while moving some stuff around I placed both game boards on my dining room table and thought it would be cool to have them blend together to make one very large game board.

So I took my game board with the nebula on it...

...and sprayed a little black onto one edge of the nebula.

I also added a few more stars. Now the 2 game boards look almost seamless.

Now it's a 4-foot by 4-foot game board!

With all the elements done I now can play the epic battle of the Enterprise vs the Reliant!

===================GAME RULES===================

When you buy the Reliant Booster pack it comes with rules for the very same game called "The Mutara Nebula".  My scenario rules will be similar, with a few changes.

The Mutara Nebula (Reliant Expansion)
Mission Overview:
Number of players: 2
Special Components: Regula Asteroid, Regula 1 Space Station.

During the final engagement betweek Kirk & Khan, the Enterprise fled into the Mutara Nebula, a navigational nightmare where shields do not function and visibility is extraordinarily limited.  During the final confrontation, life experience would be pitted against superior intellect.  Only one would emerge triumphant.

Set Up:
USS Reliant: 40 points, including Khan as Captain.
USS Enterprise: 40 points, including Kirk as Captain.

The ships are set up as shown in the image below:

The ships are set up as shown in the image below:
Special Rules:

The pink area at the bottom of the game board is the Mutara Nebula.  A ship is considered to be inside the nebula if any part of its base is within the borders established by the dotted line on the game board.

While your ship is inside the nebula it must follow these rules:
-When entering the nebula, you must immediately disable all of your shields.  Shields do not enable during the end phase while you remain in the nebula.
-You cannot use the "Scan" or "Cloak" Actions.  You may only "Target Lock" a ship at range 1.
-You may perform a "Sensor Echo" Action even though your ship is not cloaked and even if that Action is not listed on your ship's Action bar.
-Your ship gains +2 Defense dice during combat in the nebula.
-You cannot attack or be attacked by a ship that is outside of the nebula.  You cannot target or be targeted by an Action on a ship outside the nebula.
-You cannot make any attacks at Range 2-3.  You still gain +1 Attack die when firing at Range 1.
-You may fire any secondary weapon that can only be fired at Range 2-3 at a ship at Range 1, but you sustain damage to your ship equal to the damage you inflict minus 1.  You do not take critical damage from your own attacks.

-Any ship that overlaps another ship at the end of its movement must move backward along its chosen Maneuver Template until it no longer overlaps the other ship.  This ship cannot perform any Actions during this round.  In addition, both ships must roll a number of defense dice equal to half their Captain's Skill (Rounded up).  Each ship sustains 2 damage to its hull, minus 1 damage for every "Evade" result rolled (minimum 0 damage).

-A ship can repair damage to their hull and shields if it is within range 1 of Regula 1 Space Station.  To do this the player must declare they are docked at the space station and disable any active shields.  Docking with the space station is considered an Action, and your ship may not attack this round.  If your ship is attacked while docked, you may still roll defense dice.
-For each round you are docked, one damage card of your choice can be removed from your ship OR one shield can be restored to your ship.  You can not repair Hull damage and shields in one round.

Destroy your opponent's ship.

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