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Star Trek Attack Wing Scenario: The Ultimate Computer

This entry is a game scenario for use with the game Star Trek Attack Wing.

"The Ultimate Computer" is a season 2 episode of the TV show Star Trek in which the Enterprise crew is assigned to test a revolutionary computer system which would give total control of the ship over to the computer called "M-5".  In the episode, the M-5 is given a war games exercise against 4 other Federation star ships (the Excalibur, Lexington, Hood and Potempkin).

The M-5 ultimately thinks that the Federation ships are actual enemy combatants and attacks the 4 ships with full firepower.  

To convert this episode into an actual game I decided to use some Star Trek Micro Machine toys from the 1990's and convert them to use for this game.  These Micro Machine Ships are far superior to the Constitution Class Ship that Heroclix makes.  I purchased additional ships off of ebay so I had a total of 5 Constitution class star ships.

I then gave each ship a paint wash to make the details stand out better.  In the image below, the ship on the left is unaltered and the ship on the right had the paint wash.

With the ships looking good it's now time to work on the bases.  For the game Attack Wing, each ship has a plastic base which holds both the ship and a ship card.

Obviously I can't use either one for the Micro Machines, so I designed some 3D bases which will hold the Micro Machine stands.

When printed, the Micro Machine Stands fit into the base very well.

Next I needed to make the ship cards.  For this I scanned and remade the existing ship cards to fit into my new bases.

These 4 ships have the same values and abilities as the U.S.S. Enterprise.  Once the cards were made on the computer, I printed them out and attached them to cardboard.  

Then I cut out each card to fit into each ship base.

In the game, each ship has a specific turn dial which rotates to display what movement you want your ship to make.

Next it was time to tackle the turn dials for each ship.  I thought of many different ways to make these and the best and easiest way was to also 3D print them.  So I designed a simple one in SketchUp.

Then I 3D printed it.

Next I designed the turns and the top of the dial (showing which ship it goes to) and printed them out on paper.  I cut them out and adhered them to the 2 parts of the dial.

Then I put the 2 dial pieces together making the rotating dial complete!

The images above showed the first dial I made a few weeks prior to the start of making everything else for this specific scenario.  Unfortunately when it came time to make these dials I had insufficient filament for my 3D printer.  So until I had enough to make all the dials necessary I simply printed the parts of the dial (on paper) and adhered them to cardboard.  Then I cut out the cardboard, inserted a brass paper fastener through the center and I had some decent temporary dials!

With my ships, dials, stands and bases done, it's time to work on the playing cards that go to each ship.  To make these cards I scanned exiting cards and changed them in photoshop for each new ship.

In addition to the new ships, I added captains, each with different abilities borrowed from other existing cards.

Next, multiple Photon Torpedo Cards for the 5 ships.

Then I started making upgrade cards for the Enterprise.  A few personnel cards for the Enterprise...

...and a few Upgrade cards.

Since the M-5 was designed to replace the crew of a starship, you can have multiple M-5 upgrade cards attached to your ship.

With my cards done, I printed them out on card stock, cut them out and placed them in plastic sleeves.  The sleeves help protect the cards, plus they completely cover the back (which was left unprinted).

Now I have the ships, bases, playing cards and ship cards done.  Time to make up the rules for this scenario!  To do this I had to play the game a few times to get the rules down right.

For anyone who actually decides to follow these rules and play this scenario I would love some constructive feedback.

Thanks for reading!

===================GAME SCENARIO===================

Number of Players:2
Pieces/Components needed: 5 Constitution Class Star Ships
The Enterprise has been assigned to test out Dr. Daystrom's new M-5 Unit - a computer that can almost completely control the entire ship.  All that's needed is a skeleton crew and some practice for the M-5.  The Federation has sent 4 Constitution Class star ships  (the Excalibur, Lexington, Hood and Potempkin) to practice war games exercises with the M-5, but something terrible has gone wrong.  The M-5 has malfunctioned and thinks the 4 ships are a real threat!  

Unaware of the malfunction, the 4 ships are traveling towards the Enterprise with their shields down and their phasers set at the lowest level.  The Enterprise attacks with full shields and weapons fully charged!

Player 1 (Enterprise & M-5) Objective:  Destroy the 4 Federation ships.
Player 2 (Federation Ships) Objective:  Disable the Enterprise.

===================GAME RULES===================

Player 1 (Federation Ships)
150 Squadron Points, including the 4 ships (the Excalibur, Lexington, Hood and Potempkin) and their respective Captain Cards.  Each ship is armed with Photon Torpedoes Cards.

Player 2 (Enterprise & M-5)
75 Squadron Points, including M-5 Captain card, Daystrom Card, M-5 Upgrade cards.

Neither player may include Kirk as a Captian on his or her ships.  Set up the ships similar to the image below.

During the first rounds of the game (set up, movement, attack & cleanup) the 4 Federation ships are unaware of the M-5 malfunction and proceed with all shields disabled (flipped over to their red sides) and can only roll 1 attack die.  They also can not use any Actions this round.

The Enterprise proceeds with shields and weapons at full power.  Once one of the fleet ships is attacked, that ship may raise their shields and fire full weapons once the round is over.  They can also resume using their actions.  All other ships in the fleet operate with disabled shields and roll 1 attack die until they too get fired upon.

If one or all of the 4 Federations ships is attacked and their shields and Hull values drop to zero, the ship is destroyed.  If all Federation ships have been destroyed the Enterprise has won.  If the Enterprises' shields and Hull value drops to zero, it is considered disabled and the Fleet has won.

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