Thursday, June 11, 2015

DIY Paintings, Frames and Small Easel

Recently my girlfriend and I went to a painting event at a nearby place called "Painting with a Twist".

We had a great time meeting new people and being allowed to drink wine & beer whilst painting.

Plus they supplied the paints, brushes, canvases and easels.

Below are some before and after photos of our painting event.

We chose to do a couples painting, which spanned an image onto 2 canvases.

At the end of the evening they gave out prizes, and we won for "Best Interpretation of the Painting".

Our prize was a free painting of our choosing on the winners wall, and my girlfriend chose the painting below.

We had a blast!  So I have no problems giving out a free plug here for Painting with a Twist.

Are you ready for a NEW experience? We have the answer! This is a great place to have fun with your friends, or meet new friends; relax or just let your hair down and be you; or simply discover your inner artist. Bring your favorite bottle of wine or beverage, and paint along with our artist to create your own work of art that you will take home at the end of the evening. 

We provide all painting supplies and artist instructions. No art experience is needed. Simply be ready to have a Twisted good time!

Anyway, with these new paintings I decided to make some frames.  To start I used some leftover wood and cut it to the length and width of the paintings.

Then I cut those pieces into strips that were the thickness of each canvas.

These strips will be what hold the paintings in place.  The 2-canvas painting that my girlfriend and I made will have one strip of wood between them,

Next I nailed the frames together.

The paintings fit securely in each frame.

 I removed the paintings so I can proceed with the next step.

...which is adding nice trim.  I went out and bought some 1x2 wood from the hardware store and routed a simple edge on one side.  For the piece of wood that goes in between the 2 paintings I routed both edges.

 Next I used my 45 degree saw table sled to begin cutting the trim to size.

As it was I didn't buy enough wood - all but one side of the frame is complete.

I'll have to go back to the hardware store and buy more wood.  But at the time I wasn't ready to leave my workshop, so I tackled a quick little project - a small easel.

Since my girlfriend enjoyed painting so much I decided to build her an easel to do her own paintings at home.  I found simple folding easel instructions at "my repurposed life's" website.

I apologize for not having the step-by-step building process.  But the link above has all you need to make your own.  I built this easel out of scrap material I had laying around, and I also did everything by eye - I didn't take measurements or anything (that's not a brag).

This folding easel works well enough, but I think I'd like to spend more time and make a better one for her in the future.  But it was tested out and worked well.

This painting is reminiscent of our life on Long Island.

Anyway. after buying more wood and repeating the steps, I had a completed frame for the painting.

Next I removed the paintings and began gluing and nailing the frames together.

One corner has a slight gap - which I plugged by cutting a very thin piece of trim.  The remaining space will be filled using wood filler.

I repeated all the same steps to make the frame for the single painting.

Once they were dry I made sure the paintings still fit.

Looking good so far!

Next I gave the frames a good sanding and made sure to soften all the hard edges.

Then I added wood filler to the spots that needed it.

Once the filler dried I sanded again.

Next I asked my girlfriend if she wanted the frames stained or painted.  She wanted them to be painted, so I cleaned up the frames and added some primer.  I started with the double frame.

I noticed several cracks and imperfections once the primer was applied.

When the primer dried I added more wood filler.

I then set that frame aside and applied primer to the single frame.

When the primer dried I sanded.

Then the 2 frames were cleaned, and I let my girlfriend paint them with acrylics.

The double frame was painted a slate blue...

...and the single frame was painted a purple.

Next I sprayed the frames with clear coat.

When that dried I placed the paintings in the frames.

I cut some thin plywood (.25" thick) at 45-degree angles...

...then I nailed them into the backs of each corner, covering the edges of the painting.

For the double frame I nailed a rectangular piece in the middles to hold the 2 paintings in place.

Then I attached the hanging hardware.

And finally I hung each painting up!

The painting that we won was hung in our guest room.

My girlfriend wanted the painting we made hung in our bedroom.

From start to finish this was a very fun project, and practically every step involved my girlfriend's help.

Thanks for reading!

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