Monday, August 24, 2015

Pool Cue Stick Storage Box

The Arizona summer heat is brutal!  So much so, that I can only work in my garage in the mornings for a few hours before it's too hot.  Below is a project that could have taken me a day or two to make, but instead took about a week due to the limited time I had in my garage.

Many years ago my friend Phil bought me a pool cue stick with a storage case seen below.

Phil tutored me on how to play regulation 8 ball, and for a while I started to get good at it.  It's a gift I've had with me for a long time, even though I haven't played in many years.  The stick is still straight and in good condition, but the carrying case is falling apart.  So I decided to make a wooden case to hold my pool stick and accessories.  I designed my case in SketchUp.

I've built many boxes, which I've shown on my blog, so I'm not going to show the process again.   Suffice it to say this box was assembled using glue and brad nails.  Once the box was complete I attached hinges to the lid, a handle on the front and 2 latches to keep the box closed.

Once construction was complete I stained the whole box.

Simply placing the cue stick inside would not be good.  All the moving around may damage it.

So I cut some thin wood and used a cove bit on my router to shape some grooves for the cue sticks to fit into.  The 2 outer pieces are flush against the sides of the box, and the middle piece is at a diagonal down the middle.  

The piece in the middle is at an angel so that the 2 pieces of the cue stick fit in perfectly.

Below is a better shot of how well the cue stick fits.

Next I sanded and stained the inside tracks.

A little clear coat and some fine sanding and I'm done!

This carrying case turned out superbly and I think it would make my friend Phil happy to know that his gift is displayed and protected quite well.

Thanks for reading!

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