Monday, November 16, 2015

Wall Display Shelf for Funko Pop Figures

About a year ago I made 2 wall shelves (pictured above and below) out of scrap material to display my girlfriend's Game of Thrones Funko Pop figurines.

Eventually we decided that we didn't want these shelves on our living room walls, and so I made a simple wood platform for the figures on one of our bookshelves.

However, my girlfriend wants to use the top of the bookshelf for something other than the figures.  Holidays are coming soon and she'd like to put some related decor on top of our shelves.  So the figures have to go somewhere else.   She is also getting more and more figures somewhat regularly so I need to build something better than a platform.

I'll admit that my girlfriend isn't the only one with these figures.  I myself have 2 - Boba Fett and 'The Old Man' from "A Christmas Story".

So, I'm going to make a nice wall helf to hold all these figures.  My design was made in SketchUp and is fairly easy.

The white thing on the top of the shelf will be some kind of wood decoration.  It will not end up looking like that when we're done.  

With my plans complete, I went and bought my material.

For the "decoration" on the top I bought 2 wood corner brackets.

The first step, as always, is to measure and mark all the cuts in the wood.

I cut these pieces on the miter saw.  I used a stop block for multiple pieces of wood... they would be the same exact size.  I did this mainly for the individual shelves.

Next I took the 2 sides and marked the positions for each shelves.

Very often I use pocket holes and screws to join pieces of wood, but for this shelf I feel like using my router to make dado cuts.  These dadoes are grooves in the wood for the shelves to sit it.  It's a very strong joint when used with glue and nails.

With my dadoes cut I began gluing and nailing the shelves in.  I used my T-square to make sure all the shelves were at a 45-degree angle.

The dadoes were tight, but with the help of a mallet, I was able to get all the shelves in.

Next I attached the other side, this time using bar clamps to help get all the shelves into each dado.  

When all the sides and shelves were together I then attached the top and bottom.

Next I cut a thin sheet of plywood for the back, which was glued and nailed to the frame and shelves. 

I intentionally cut the back plywood larger than the whole thing so that I could use my flush edge router bit.

This bit trims the edges of the plywood so that it is the exact shape of the entire unit.

With that done I began cutting some edging for the whole thing.  I first cut trim for the long sides of the unit...

...followed by the shorter side.  I then glued and nailed the trim onto the unit.

Now it's time to add some simple decorative corners.  To do this I cut 8 smaller pieces of trim, using the stop block on my miter saw to get them all the same size.

Then I cut each piece at a 45-degree angle on one side.

Each corner received 2 of these pieces, glued and nailed in place.

Before long the shelving unit was almost complete.

I took those corner brackets I bought and glued them together, and to the top of the unit.  They were also nailed in place.

And construction is complete!

I still have a few more things to do, but I love how it turned out so far.

Next I gave everything a good sanding, making sure to round off all the edges.

Then I added wood filler - mostly to small gaps and nail holes.

While that dried I took a piece of scrap wood and drilled a hole in it.  I also added arrows to the left and top edges of the block.

This block is a template for drilling a hole in the back of the shelf.  I put these holes in each corner so they are all in the exact same spot.  These holes will be used for mounting the shelf to the wall later.

When the filler dried I sanded everything once more...

...followed by a good cleaning.

Next I stained...

...followed by some clear coat.

When the clear coat dried I gave it all a good sanding with a fine sanding sponge.

Then I gave it one more good cleaning.

Next I brought it inside to the wall that it will be mounted to.  I temporarily attached it with drywall screws, making sure everything was level.

Once all the screws were in, I took it off the wall and screwed in wall anchors to the holes created by the drywall screws.

Then I reattached it one last time.

And I'm done!

I put all my girlfriend's figures on the shelf - I'm sure she'll re-arrange them later.

The area I chose to hang this shelf is ideal:  it's under a light in the ceiling and is in the corner near our front door.

The shelf is slim enough so it won't keep the door from opening all the way.

I think this shelf came out great.

I'm just worried that after my girlfreind gets all the new Game of Thrones Funko Pop figures, I'll have to build a bigger shelf!  She also speaks of getting some Breaking Bad Funko Pops, Harry Potter Funko Pops and a few others.  So this shelf may only be temporary...but If I do build a bigger shelf, you know I'll post my build for all to see!
Thanks for reading!

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