Thursday, December 17, 2015

Star Wars Ep VII-style X-Wing Helmet

At the time I started making this build the new Star Wars Episode VII movie was a few months away before being released to theaters.  I'm excited!  The few trailers that were released looked like it could be a good movie.  So I began making the helmet that the character Poe wears (seen above).  Although, this helmet did not start off being meant to be that helmet.  

A year prior I made these 3 cool looking foam helmets and I thought I'd build another one.  My previous entry was called "Making Foam Helmets Practice 2" and you can see that build by clicking here.

These helmets were based on helmets created by "Evil Ted" and his videos are in the link above.  I used the same templates as I did for the first helmets.

The foam I used was leftover from my Knight's armor build.

I traced the templates onto the foam...

...cut them out...

...and assembled them using contact cement.

I filled the seams with a window sealant called Alex Ultra 230.

Then I used my round sanding bit for my dremel and began rounding the edges.

I smoothed out the edges with various grits of sandpaper.

It was around this point that I wanted to try and make it look like Poe's helmet.  Only two trailers and a few photos of the movie had been released, so I found what I could on line.

The image above and below show good shots head-on and from the side.

Using these photos as reference, I began reshaping the helmet.

I cut some new pieces of foam...

...and attached them to the helmet.

The large piece on the front was giving me a lot of trouble, so I drilled screws to help keep it in place until the contact cement had dried.

Since I cut the pieces by eye, the large piece on the front did not line up perfectly, leaving a sizable gap.

I cut a piece of foam to fill this gap and glued it in place.

Then I added more sealant to fill in the gap and the screw holes.

When the sealant dried I applied some plasti-dip.

Then I applied a few coats of primer.

At this point there are still a lot of imperfections showing through, so I sought to fix them with more sealant.

Then another coat of plastidip.

It was around this point that several different designs of the helmet were released.

Now that there are a lot more images available I can see that my helmet will not really be screen-accurate.  But that's ok.  It's only a matter of time before some talented person on the RPF will make a good pep file of this helmet.  But I'll continue with my helmet anyway.  I really like some of the new helmet designs, especially the one on the bottom right, which looks a lot like Bigg's helmet in Star Wars ep IV.  

I decided to do something more based on that helmet, so I gave the helmet a coat of white spray paint.

Then when the paint was dry I drew in some details with thin marker.

Then I painted in those details with some acrylic paints.

When that paint dried I began weathering the whole helmet.

When the weathering was complete I sprayed on a few coats of clear enamel.

And I'm done!  As always, I put the helmet on and made some dorky faces...

The helmet is a bit large, but with some eventual padding and a visor it should be good enough.

Again, this isn't a very screen-accurate depiction of the new helmets.  Once I get a hold of the pep file someone is bound to make, I'll recreate this helmet.  But it goes well with my store-bought New Order Stormtrooper helmet and Kylo Ren helmet from the new movie.


Thanks for reading!

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