Friday, December 11, 2015

Tea Box

This blog entry will be about making a simple tea box to hold packets of tea, similar to the image below - but smaller.

 Recently my girlfriend has switched from drinking coffee to tea.  That's fine and dandy by me, but the small shelf that once was home to all the different coffees we shared is now dominated with boxes of tea.  

I'm still very much a coffee drinker, so I wanted to make a nice box to hold all these teas and give my coffee shelf room for coffee again.  So, with only $10 to spend I went out and bought a nice crafting box from Michaels for $5.

This box has hinges and a lock and is large enough for 4 spaces for tea bags.

And for $3 I bought a small piece of bass wood.

The very first thing I did was sand the box with some fine grit sandpaper.

These boxes are mass produced and a bit rough, so I want to make sure my girlfriend doesn't get any splinters when handling the box.

When the box was smooth I cleaned it with a damp rag and let it dry.

Next I added some wood stain, outside...

...and inside.

There are a few spots where the stain didn't stick.  These were areas where glue spilled during construction.  But it's okay, because we'll be covering up those areas later.

While the stain dried I sanded the bass wood.

Then I measured and marked areas to cut.

The first cut was for a piece that ran from the front of the box to the back.

Then another piece was cut which ran from side to side.

Next I trimmed each of the 2 pieces so that they are the same height as the box's inner walls.

Then I cut a small piece from the centers of each piece.

When the 2 pieces interlock, they make 4 nice quadrants for tea bags.

Next I stained the dividers and glued them to the inside of the box.

When the stain was dry I hit it with a few layers of glossy clear coat.

When the clear coat was fully dry I added some adhesive felt sliders to protect the bottom.

Next I brought it inside and began cutting pieces of thin cardboard... fit each of the spaces I created...

...and the top.

Then I went through a scrap booking book and picked out a nice print.

Using adhesive I attached the pieces of cardboard to the print...

...and then cut them out.

Then I glued them in.

So far it's looking good on the inside...

...and outside.

Next I ran a bead of glue around all the sides of the cardboard pieces.  This will ensure that all the edges stay in place and fill in any small gaps.  The glue will dry clear so it won't be an eye sore.

Then I used gold marker to cover up the glued areas.

Next I broke out my ink pad and stamps and began decorating the box with gold.

I added corner flourishes...

...with a rounded center flourish.  I then added the letter "T" inside.

I also put one on the front under the latch...

Then I gave the whole thing one last light coat of clear coat.

Since clear coat smells I let the box air out for a few days.  I wouldn't want to put tea bags inside the box and have them penetrated by the smell.  But once it was fully aired out I was done!

I think this box turned out nicely.  I fit about 40 tea bags comfortably inside.

Now my girlfriend has a nice tea box to pick her tea out of and I have my coffee shelf back.

Thanks for reading!

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