Monday, February 8, 2016

Spare 2x4 Project: Wood Bench

Recently I have been making some changes to my workshop in order to make it more organized.  This included disassembling some of my work tables to make more room...

...and using some of that wood to add extra shelves to my other work tables.

The extra space will do good things for me, but I now have an abundance of extra 2x4 studs hanging around.  Below is a picture of a large bin filled with 2x4s.

Believe it or not, this is one of three bins of 2x4s.  I need to do something with all this wood.  So I sought to build a little bench for fun. I began by cutting some of the 2x4s with my miter saw.

I more-or-less did all the measurements in my head.

Next I began drilling some pocket holes.

Before assembling, I sanded all the 2x4s.

Once each piece had been sanded I began assembling the front and back of the bench.

Then I attached the sides to the front...

...then attached the back.

Can't get much simpler than that.

For the top I was going to buy a few sheets of wood, but I still have a ton of 2x4s left.  So I began cutting some more...

...until I had enough lined up on the top.

Then I drilled holes and ran screws through each piece.

Since the sides of the top piece don't look too great I decided to cover them up with some 1/2" plywood.  I cut the plywood to length then attached it to the bench with glue and brad nails.

Then I began sanding the top.

If you've noticed in some of the images above, I used some wood pieces that were previously painted with brown spray paint.  After sanding these pieces it kind of looks like...

...marble rye bread (to me).

I really like that look so I decided to spray paint the whole thing brown.

Once the paint had dried I sanded the whole thing - first with my belt sander.

This sander did a good job removing a lot of the paint easily, but the wood was on the rough side after sanding.

So next I sanded with some finer sand paper on my orbital sander.

Once done, I cleaned it up and temporarily put it on my back yard patio.

It goes well with the brown plastic fake-wood Adirondack chairs that I currently have on my patio.  When the weather gets warmer I might move it into my yard, and perhaps put some potted plants on it.

This project cost me nothing at all.  And I also used about a bin full of wood that I had in the garage taking up space.  It's not the prettiest thing I've built, but it's strong and works well.

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