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At the time of this writing I have successfully moved across the country.  I drove all the way from New York to Arizona with my girlfriend, my dog and a few bags of clothes.  Unfortunately it has been 2 weeks since I arrived in Arizona and all my possessions still have not arrived.  This includes all my tools and materials to make things.

A few weeks ago while I was getting ready to move across the country, I stumbled upon boxes of old star ships I had made - some when I was very young -  some were made from cardboard and wood filler and some were kit-bashed ships.   Although none of these ships have really been completed, I thought it would be fun to have a posting showing these incomplete ships.  Perhaps once my stuff gets here I will finally get around to completing these ships.

The 2009 Star Trek movie made way for some new looking star ships.

Although you only get a brief glance at them on screen, a online search will give you many images.  I based some of my newer ships on these online imagery.

These ships are all made out of card board and wood filler.  For Warp Nacelles, I used some black markers I had found in an office supply store.

Here are a few more 2009 Star Trek inspired ships.

From the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, came this, Picard's old ship the Star Gazer.

This one was made out of cardboard, wood filler and balsa wood.  Believe it or not, this model is almost 20 years old.  I never finished it, and unfortunately it did not hold up well throughout the years.

This guy will either have to be seriously restored and completed, or recreated.  In actuality I did start recreating it at one point, but this was a kit-bashed ship and not made to look exactly like the original.

Star Trek III brought forth a few new ships, Including the Excelsior and the Grissom.

My home-made versions of the excelsior have never been top notch...

At various points in time, I tried re-making the excelsior. 

Most recently, I made one out of insulation foam.

As for the Grissom, I did made one out of balsa, cardboard and filler.

Also almost 20 years old, this one hasn't held up as well.

When Voyager came out, I wasn't as thrilled about the series as I had been about the original series or TNG & DS9.  But the ship was cool.  I made a small one out of cardboard and balsa which actually held up nicely.

Some of my older ships which did not survive well became victims of alien attacks.

But for the most part, most of my ships were simply incomplete - awaiting that day in space dock where they will one day be finished.  Below are many images of some more ships I had made, but never finished.

Below are a few kit bashed ships I began to make.

Hopefully soon my stuff will arrive at my new home.  Then I can get started on some new helmets, props, star ships and furniture.  

Fast forward a year later, and my new home in Arizona is great!  I've made a few new helmets, props and furniture, but now it's time to get back to some of my old, unfinished ships.

Luckily there was very little breakage during transport.  I decided for some of my kitbashed ships that I would build some new pieces using my 3D printer.

My "stargazer" kitbash received some new pieces which reinforced the main body of the ship to the extended warp engines.

The kitbash ship below I've bubbed "The Normandy", receives mostly decorative 3D printed pieces.

The ship below I've named the "Concorde" and it too received some 3D printed pieces which help support the pylons that hold the warp engines.

Once all 3 ships had the new pieces glued on and primed, I added some filler to fill in some gaps.

Lastly I had run out of saucer sections from all my kitbashed jobs, so the saucer section for this ship consisted of 2 CD spindles glued together.

I made a lot of 3D pieces for this one, but the main saucer section pieces did not turn out too well, so I kept the warp engines, and I'll have to start from scratch for the rest.  It was at this point I decided to start fixing up some of the other ships I had started to make.  So I dug up those old ships and started 3D printing new pieces for them.

This guy I named the "USS Antares".

The one below is the "USS Endeavour".

And this one is the "USS Bradbury".

While I was waiting for 3D pieces to be made, and for primer and filler to dry I decided to work on one more.  Below is a piece of a ship that I made when I was about 11 or 12 years old.  It was meant to be like the Excelsior, but it never turned out too well.  The Saucer section didn't survive throughout the years, and as time went by and my little cardboard ship -with marker-drawn details- began to break, I gave it scars and called it a derelict ship.

For whatever reason I called the ship "USS Season" - where I got that name I don't know.  But I kept it throughout the years as a reminder of one of the first ships I ever made.  But fast forward 25 years and I think I want to remake this ship.  I'll keep it boxy, but I will make it better this time.  To do this I cut some plywood and glued and nailed it together to make the secondary hull.

For the saucer, I used my protractor to mark the shape onto another piece of plywood.

I then cut it out with my jigsaw.

The size is good, so I sanded the sides...

...and I used my router to cut the sides at an angle.  Then I glued and nailed the saucer to the secondary hull.

Next I made some 3D for the ship and began printing them.

While that was printing I started to cut some cardboard to start shaping the bottom of the saucer section.

Then I glued on some of the 3D printed elements and added some wood filler to the cardboard.

I repeated the process for the top of the saucer.

It will take a long time to finish these ships, and as the weather gets hotter in Arizona I will want to be indoors working on these ships, rather than in my hot workshop.  Eventually when these ships are completed I will post their final images here, but for now I hope you enjoyed seeing what I have so far.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hey Timbo! All the very best to both you and your girlfriend! What a move! Hope your stuff catches up with you soon. Have you a job to go to, or are you just winging it?