Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spare 2x4 Project: Small Saw Horses

Up next - another spare 2x4 project!
I have some upcoming projects for my parents - cleaning and repainting their patio furniture.

My father doesn't have any saw horses to lift up his chairs, and I no longer have my old saw horses.  So I rummaged through my leftover 2x4's to see what I had.  I don't have any long pieces of wood, so these will be short saw horses.

I have some decent enough wood for the cross members, or tops of the saw horses. 

And I have enough pieces for 8 legs.

The first step was to cut all the legs to be the same length.  

Using a stop block with my miter saw made this quick and easy.

Next I did the same for the cross members.

I then set my miter saw to a 19-degree angle and cut one side of each of the legs.

I then reset my stop block and cut the other side of each leg so the 2 cut sides were parallel.

I purposely used blocks of wood that had previously been drilled with pocket screws.

I used these pocket holes to attach the legs to the cross members.

A few minutes later all the legs were attached.

Because the pre-existing pocket holes were made shallower from my miter cuts, the screws I used went all the way through the top piece of wood.

A cutting disc on my grinding wheel made easy work of removing the screws.

One horse done...

...two horses done.

To add a little more strength to these saw horses, I traced the angled sides onto a piece of plywood.

Then I used my miter gauge on the table saw to cut one side...

...then I flipped the wood over and cut the other side.

I repeated this flipping method to quickly make 4 pieces.

I then drilled 4 holes into each side...

...and attached them to each end of the saw horses.

Now these 2 small saw horses are complete!

To give you an idea how small they are, here they are pictured next to a chair I built.

They may be small, but they are strong!  I tested the strength by loading them with 3 very heavy bins of scrap wood.

I also stood on them.  If they can withstand my weight, they can definitely take on the challenges that lie ahead of them.

So, I brought them over to my parents house and used them for painting the undersides of their chairs.

These little things did a good job, and now my father has some saw horses.

There wasn't very much to this build, but sometimes simple is better!
Thanks for reading!

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