Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Batman Helmet 2

BATMAN!  A few years back I made a batman cowl, which looked more like a catwoman cowl with bat ears.

So I think it's time to make a new one.  I honestly love the new Batman helmet from the Superman vs Batman movie.  It looks more like a helmet than a cowl, and I love the gritty, weathered look of it in all the trailers and pictures I've seen.   I was easily able to find a pep file online which I downloaded and printed out.

Then using an X-acto knife and tape, I assembled the various pieces.

For this helmet I'll be using a left over cardboard shipping box.

I spray mounted the paper templates onto the cardboard.

Then I cut out all the pieces.

Next I assembled the helmet with painters tape and hot glue.

It's a little rough looking at the moment.

But it fits well, and it's strong.

Next I'll be using some plaster wrap to cover the whole helmet.

Covering this helmet did not take too long.

But waiting overnight for the plaster to fully dry took...well, all night.

The next day when the plaster had fully dried and hardened, I added resin to the outside of the helmet.

When the resin hardened I added a first layer of Bondo.

Then I sanded and cleaned it up.

Then I added a second layer of Bondo...

...and again sanded.

After cleaning it up, I added a few coats of primer.

While the helmet was drying I looked up as many images of the new Batman helmet as I could find in order to see some of the details.  The image below shows some of the shapes I need to add.

So I reprinted the pep file and spray mounted the pages onto thin sheets of crafting foam.

I then cut out the pieces to help me build up the helmet.

When the helmet dried I began marking out where each of the foam pieces will go.

Then I used some contact cement to attach the pieces.

Then I used some Alex Ultra sealant to fill in a lot of the spaces between the foam pieces.

The sealant will smooth out all the edges and hopefully we'll have a smooth looking helmet before long.

When that dried I added several coats of black plastidip to seal up the foam and give the helmet a bit more texture.

Several hours later I then applied silver spray paint to a dry straw brush...

...and then began dry-brushing some silver weathering.

Now this thing looks awesome!

But it's not done yet.  After letting it dry overnight, I decided to try it on the next morning.  It wouldn't fit.  The bottom rim was too big, so I used my multipurpose tool to thin out the rim.

Now it fits just fine!

I took it off and cleaned the cuts with my dremel.

Then I added more caulk to seal up the bottom areas that were cut.

When the caulk was dry I sprayed on more plastidip onto the edges.  When dry I repainted some of the silver weathering.

At this point the helmet is all done with one exception - the eyes.  Normally Batman doesn't have a visor, but this helmet does.  I can't make a light up visor like what's seen in the movie (yet), so instead I bought a $5 pair or mirrored sunglasses.

Then I popped out the lenses.

Then I added glue to the insides and placed the lenses in.

It's easy to see when wearing the helmet, hard to see inside though.

And I'm done!

I'm the bearded Batman!  Woohoo!

All in all I love how this helmet turned out.  As I've said earlier, I think this is the best looking Batman helmet/cowl ever.  I'm glad this roughed-up version is a part of my collection.

Thanks for reading!

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