Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Ron Swanson and Timbo Pins

I've done posts about how much I like bowling and whatnot.  So I won't delve too much into it this time.  I will however mention that once I had a "Bowling Pin Painting Party" with a bunch of my friends.  A lot of interesting designs were produced...

...including this self-portrait pin I made.

But a good friend of mine wanted it, so I am left with these 2 below that myself and my girlfriend made.

We don't display these pins, but I would like to make 2 more pins that are displayable.  For starters I'll make a new self-portrait pin based off an illustration I made a while back.

For the other pin I decided to make it look like the immortal Ron Swanson.

Using the picture above, I drew his face in Adobe Illustrator.

Then I printed out the 2 faces.

Now it's time to fix up those old pins.  They were originally painted with acrylic paints, so I had to remove that.  I first tried lacquer thinner.

After a few minutes it did very little except smear the black marker.

Then I tried using a glass scraper - which worked only a little.

But then I used my mouse sander which worked well.

After a while both pins were sanded.

And after a little clean up they weren't looking half bad.

Then I moved them onto my painting cart...

...and applied a few coats of primer.

When that dried I applied a coat of glossy white spray paint and let it dry overnight.

The next morning I applied a second coat.

When the 2 pins were fully dry I brought them inside the house.  I then cut out the 2 printed faces.

I added charcoal to the backs...

...and taped them to the pins.

Then I traced the faces and removed the paper.

Next I retraced the faces with marker.

Then I cleaned up the excess charcoal with a damp rag.

And finally I colored in the rest.

And now I have a new Ron Swanson Pin!

And also a new Timbo Pin!

I thought the best place to display them would be my workshop, where I have a picture of my Grandfather who watches over all my wood working projects.

I also have a picture of Norm Abrams - my favorite woodworker.

And now Ron Swanson Pin, yet another woodworker.

And of course the Me pin.

Thanks for reading!

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