Monday, June 27, 2016

Roll-on Work Table Protecter

Here's a small entry about making a simple jig to help make your work table last longer.  Whether you're a wood worker, or prop maker perhaps the most important thing you can have is a good surface to work on.  My 2 work tables in my garage have been essential in almost all my projects.

From time to time I use some materials which spill onto my work tables, such as plaster, resin...

...Bondo and glue to name just a few.

I often have to clean up my table tops first using a scraper or chisel, and then sanding the whole top down.

Recently I decided to cover the plywood tops with some MDF.  But things like resin and Bondo may rip up the MDF when removing.

So I decided to make a little something to help protect the MDF a little.  I went to the Home center and bought a roll of masking paper.  Then I used a dowel and 2 pieces of wood to make a spool and I attached it to one side of my work table.

The spool lets the paper roll out smoothly.

The masking paper doesn't cover the entire table top, but it covers most of it.

To get the other end of the masking paper to stay in place while in use I cut a piece of wood to size and drilled out shallow holes that could fit some round magnets.  These magnets were attached to the wood using epoxy.

Then the wood & magnets attach to the metal brackets that are on each corner of my work table. 

 These magnets are strong enough to hold everything in place nicely.

Then when I'm done with the dirtied paper I simply cut it off and throw it out.
It's a pretty simple set up which will save me a lot of time cleaning and/or replacing my work top.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Groot Mask #2

Recently I made a Groot Mask for a friend made of EVA foam (Floor Mats).

You can see that post by clicking here.
This mask covers the face and is open in the back and top, using elastic to keep it on the wearer.

Seeing the progress of the mask, my girlfriend wanted a Groot mask of her own.  (Chicks love Groot!)  So I began making another one, but this time I'll make it a little differently.  Instead of it being a mask that covers only the face, I'll make it more like a helmet that covers the whole head.  I started by making a paper template - one that fits completely around my head.

Then I folded the template in half - from the nose to the back - and cut out the eyes and jaw line.

Next I cut the back and laid the template flat on a piece of foam.  I traced the shape and eyes with marker.

Then I began sketching out the details of Groot's face.

Next I cut it out.

Since this 'mask' will go completely around my head, I needed to curve it better than the first mask.  So I used my heat gun to bend the foam.

Then I applied some contact cement to the 2 ends...

...and connected them.

And the mask is holding together nicely.

Next I used my knife to better separate the top parts, and I used the heat gun to start shaping them outwards a little.  I also cut cheek lines to make sure the lower sides flare inwards more.

 I cut some leftover foam to make a top.  The piece I started with was very angular, but fit.

Then I cut other smaller curved pieces to make the fit complete.

Then I cut pieces for a new nose, mouth and brow. 

These pieces will look a bit funny...

...but after they're glued on and shaped with the dremel they should look good and give the face a less flat look.

I attached the pieces with hot glue.

I also cut and attached pieces to make the insides of the top more dimensional... well as some more pieces for the top / front of the head.

Now it may look silly now, and not very Groot-like...

...but it's going to get better.

Because it was time to use the dremel again.

Carving this thing up took a long time and was quite messy.

But the results are great.

Once I finished with the dremel I used some Alex Ultra 230... begin sealing some of the gaps and spaces from the pieces of foam that were glued on.

When the caulk dried I added the first coats of plastidip.

Once it was dry I felt it needed something - and looking at photos I realized that his brow sticks out more, and his eyes are a bit more sunken it.  I can't 'sink' the eyes more otherwise I'll sand right through the foam, so I glued on a few more pieces of foam around the brow.

Then more sanding...

...and more caulking...

...and finally more Plastidip.

When that dried I added primer....

...and then brown paint.

When the brown paint dried I proceeded to detail the helmet like I did with the first Groot mask.  First came a black wash...

Then various lighter browns that were dry-brushed on.

Then a rich green that was sponged on...

...followed by a light blue/green to finish the moss look.

When the acrylic paints dried, I added matte clear coat to the whole helmet.

While that dried I took an old pair of brown sunglasses...

...and removed the lenses.

I then glued them inside the helmet where the eyes are.

Now Groot has some shiny brown eyes.

And I'm done!

This new Groot helmet turned out so well.  Both me and my Girlfriend love it!

Thanks for reading!