Monday, June 27, 2016

Roll-on Work Table Protecter

Here's a small entry about making a simple jig to help make your work table last longer.  Whether you're a wood worker, or prop maker perhaps the most important thing you can have is a good surface to work on.  My 2 work tables in my garage have been essential in almost all my projects.

From time to time I use some materials which spill onto my work tables, such as plaster, resin...

...Bondo and glue to name just a few.

I often have to clean up my table tops first using a scraper or chisel, and then sanding the whole top down.

Recently I decided to cover the plywood tops with some MDF.  But things like resin and Bondo may rip up the MDF when removing.

So I decided to make a little something to help protect the MDF a little.  I went to the Home center and bought a roll of masking paper.  Then I used a dowel and 2 pieces of wood to make a spool and I attached it to one side of my work table.

The spool lets the paper roll out smoothly.

The masking paper doesn't cover the entire table top, but it covers most of it.

To get the other end of the masking paper to stay in place while in use I cut a piece of wood to size and drilled out shallow holes that could fit some round magnets.  These magnets were attached to the wood using epoxy.

Then the wood & magnets attach to the metal brackets that are on each corner of my work table. 

 These magnets are strong enough to hold everything in place nicely.

Then when I'm done with the dirtied paper I simply cut it off and throw it out.
It's a pretty simple set up which will save me a lot of time cleaning and/or replacing my work top.

Thanks for reading!

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