Monday, June 13, 2016

Star Lord Helmet 2

So not long ago I made a Star Lord helmet and gun (pictured above) for a friend of mine.
You can see that build by clicking here.

I thoroughly enjoyed both making the props and playing with them before shipping them away, so I thought I'd do it again!  For my first build I used a pepakura file that I did not much care for, so I found a different one and printed it out.

For this build I'm going to use some leftover Amazon boxes.

I cut the boxes so they'd lay flat and began spray mounting the pages to the cardboard.

Next I cut the pieces out with a box cutter and scissors.

Then it was time to assemble this thing. 

 I used hot glue and tape to get it together quickly.

This pep file went together a lot better than the first one.  But like my first build, this is just a base.  I'll be adding a lot more to it.  But before I do I went out and bought some plaster wrap.

I then covered the outside...

...and inside with the plaster wrap.  Then I let it dry overnight.

While it was drying I reprinted the pep file and then used spray adhesive to attach the prints to pieces of thin crafting foam.

Next I cut out all the pieces with a knife and scissors.

The paper peels off of the foam pretty easily.

When all the pieces were cut, I put them aside for later.

The next day when the plaster had fully dried and hardened I added resin to the inside and outside.

Then a light coat of Bondo.

Once the Bondo hardened I did some sanding.  The helmet looks rough, but I want it to be as lightweight as possible.  Don't worry - it'll look better soon.

Next I added a few coats of primer.

When that dried I began marking out where each of the foam pieces will go.

Then I used some contact cement to attach the pieces.

Then I used some Alex Ultra sealant to fill in a lot of the spaces between the foam pieces.

The sealant will smooth out all the edges and hopefully we'll have a smooth looking helmet before long.

When that dried I added a few coats of plastidip to start sealing up the foam.

I let the plastidip dry overnight, and the next morning I tried it on.  Too tight - but I expected this.  The helmet itself is very slim-fit, so I'm going to add elastic like I did with my first Star Lord helmet.  To do this I cut off the back.

Then I sealed up the cuts with some more caulk.

When the caulk was dry I sprayed on more plastidip onto the edges.

When that dried I began to hot glue some elastic in.  However in my first Star Lord helmet I reinforced the elastic with glue and screws.  I wasn't sure this helmet was thick enough for screws.

So I wound up drilling some holes so I can reinforce the elastic with rivets.  However, the helmet was too thick for rivets.

So I wound up using 1/2" screws which worked just fine.

And the helmet is back together again.

The elastic on the bottom of both sides of the helmet are visible, but will be covered up later.

And the helmet easily fits on my head now, and stays there.

Then I used some more caulk to fill in the holes I made.

Even though the elastic makes the helmet fit easily, I was unhappy with how it looked - most importantly the sides were no longer lining up.

I'll just have to put the helmet back together again but add a little material so it fits.  So I removed the elastic....  

Then I cut out some thick foam to fit in between the back and front pieces of the helmet.  The shape of the foam was created after a lot of playing around, making sure it fit on my head comfortably.

Next I reprinted the pap file and spray mounted it to cardboard and some thin and thick crafting foam.

For the 3 little shapes on each cheek, I repeated the process of using clothes pins from the first helmet.  This time I used my miter box and saw to make them a bit smaller.

I also rounded the edges on the belt sander.

Next I used hot glue and contact cement to reapply all the pieces of the helmet.

Now it was time to work on those breathing tubes on the sides.  For this I bought some glitter tubes from the arts & crafts store.

I drilled a hole in the bigger bottle caps... the smaller bottles could fit through.

Then I used some foam, glue and bendy straws to create the breathing tubes from the back of the ears all the way to the mouth area.

I also used the bendy straws on the tubes on the sides of each eye.

Now it was time for a little more plastidip...

...followed by more caulk.

When that dried I applied more plastidip...

...and when that dried I applied some primer...

...and when that dried I applied some silver spray paint.

It came to me a little too late that painting this thing would have been easier if it were on a stand.

I still have some painting to do, so I started to make a stand.  I used a scrap piece of wood and routed the edges on my table router.

Then I glued and nailed another routed piece of wood towards the back.

It's not an overly complicated stand...

...but it holds it up nice and securely.

Then I painted the stand black and put it aside until dry.

While everything was drying I went out and bought a $5 pair of reddish reflective sunglasses.

Then I carefully popped out the lenses.

Next I began cutting the lenses to fit the helmet.

I also made marks in a thin sheet of crafting foam...

...and cut them out.

Then I glued the foam to the lenses making a frame.

Then I glued the lenses and frames to the helmet.

Next I began painting the helmet.  I used a good yellow for the golden areas...

...then I began darkening a lot of the areas with black paint.

I also used the black to make some minor weathering.

I often forget that I have an airbrush again.... I broke it out and made the helmet and weathering look nicer.

Next I taped up the lenses so I could spray some clear coat onto the helmet.

Once the clear coat dried, I removed the tape and I'm done!

This helmet turned out quite nicely and it fits well too!  Too bad I don't have any hair to pop out of the top :(

Thanks for reading!

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