Monday, July 11, 2016

Small Wood Storage Cart

To be a woodworker you need all sorts of tools: saws, drivers, glue, measuring tools, etc.  However, perhaps the most important thing you need would be the wood itself!  For every project I usually get more wood then I need, and I have been storing the excess wood in bins...

...more bins... the corner, against the wall...

...did I mention even more bins?

All these bins take up space.  So I sought to make a wood storage cart to hold most of this scrap wood.

The storage cart seen above and below are from Woodworking for Mere Mortal's website...

...and I used it as a reference to design my own in SketchUp.

My first design was 4-feet long and involved purchasing a lot of wood.  Realizing I had neither the space, nor money for something so big, I decided to redesign it to be smaller and simpler. 

This smaller storage cart has 4 shelves on the left side for storing smaller boards, a larger area on the right side to stand up taller boards and a small shelf in the back to stand a few sheets of wood.

My new design also only requires one 4'x8' sheet of plywood and one additional 2'x4' sheet of plywood.

With my design set, I went out and bought the wood I needed.  For the 4'x8' sheet of plywood, I had the store cut it down into smaller sheets so it could all fit in my car.

Next I set up my rip cut guide for the circular saw so I could rip the large pieces of wood down to side.

I clamped the pieces to my table...

...and easily cut them all down to size.

Next I detached the rip cut guide and cut the angled piece with the circular saw.

The smaller pieces were cut to size on the table saw.

With all the pieces cut I next drew guide lines on all the pieces of wood.

I had originally intended on assembling this cart with pocket holes and screws, but I realized that I didn't have enough pocket screws for this job.  But I have plenty of regular screws, so I decided to drill holes in all the pieces of wood, and the whole cart will be assembled with screws and glue.

It didn't take long to drill holes in every piece of wood.

Then I began assembly.  I started with the shelves.

First I would glue each shelf then attach it to one side.  Once all the shelves were in place I attached the other side.

Then I added glue to the back of the cart...

...and attached the shelves to the back...

 ...with more screws.

Then I attached the angled side to the back.

I then stood the cart upright and attached the small front.

When that was glued and screwed in place, I then placed the whole cart upside-down on the floor and attached the bottom.

Then came the lip in the back...

...followed by casters on the bottom.

Then I flipped it one last time and it's looking good!

Then I emptied one of the bins of wood, throwing out a few pieces of wood here and there that were useless.

Then onto the second bin of wood.

...and onto the last, larger bin filled with wood.

This bin held all of my plywood scraps, and needed to be organized first before being placed in the cart.

I also put all the wood that was standing in the corner onto the cart.  When I moved the cart around I realized 2 problems I had.  The first was the standing wood inside the cart would fall over when moving around.

To fix this I drilled 2 holes - one on the outside and one on the inside.

Then I ran a dowel through those holes, and that kept the wood from falling all over.

The other problem I had was the large pieces of wood on the back would also topple over when moving the cart around.

To fix this I simply drilled holes on the side...

...and put a hooked bungee cord across the back.  This held the wood in place.

Then I decided to create a small wood frame using glue and screws.

I then attached the frame to the top of the cart with more glue and screws.

And this is a nice little place for me to store smaller pieces of wood.

And with that, I say this wood storage cart is done!

This cart may be small, but it does hold 3 bins of wood inside of it, plus the larger pieces of wood that were in the corner of my garage.

This cart will also make it easier for me to see what wood I have simply by pulling the pieces out.  Its better than pulling out a bin, opening it and sorting through it.

And I can easily move it around!

The cart is 2-feet long, 2-feet wide and 3-feet tall, which makes it easy to fit almost anywhere in my garage.

Another great thing is that I have more storage bins at my disposal!  These bins will be quite valuable, as my girlfriend and I are currently house shopping and will need these bins when moving into our new home.

After all the wood was in there it was a little difficult moving it so I quickly made some wood handles to put on the sides of the shelves...

and one on the slanted side.

These will make it easier to move.  A few days later I wanted to put larger pieces on the back rack, but they were too wide for the bungee cord at each end.

So I made a low-profile extension to each side that made the bungee cords stretch farther.

And now I can hold wider stuff!

Next I decided to revise the top so that the front was open.  I did this because I didn't want to pile too much stuff on the top.  The opening will make clutter less likely.

And then I did the one thing I had forgotten to do - sand the whole thing!
Now i'ts nice and smooth on all edges and surfaces.

I can't believe how awesome this thing is!

Then I took it one step further and stained it.

This was not necessary, but I like it.

Thanks for reading!

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